Saturday, April 14, 2018

Social, Spiritual, Political views.

"There is no separation between what you DO, what you SAY & WHO you are. What you believe and WHAT you stake in the wellness of your SOUL on are true reflections of your spiritual values.
If you're the one oppressed or suffering, it's easy to feel the link between the spiritual and the political.  Injustice is a reflection of disrespect, and often fear or hate. When we look upon the suffering of others, especially those who are different than us, it's tempting to think the same rules don't apply. 
This is never true. No one deserves to have their human rights stripped, to be unsafe, to be systematically kept down, or to be bombed.  It's time to I've a f$ck.
As we approach the transit of Uranus in Taurus, it's time to challenge yourself as an individual to value human liberty over what is convenient or easy.  If your spirituality doesn't include social justice, how do you justify that?  Being spiritual is NOT taking pictures of your tarot reading, wearing crystals, meditating or reading horoscopes.  Those are tools, but if you don't USE those tools to be more whole they are just blah, blah, blah.  Tending to your soul is an inside job and standing up to hate and injustice is an organic result of that effort.  Get involved in the world around you.
The political is spiritual; strive to be a part of the worlds solutions". - JESSICA LANYADOO

I've oscillated emotions between anger and sadness all week witnessing women I know rip each other apart over divisive memes and feeling the undercurrent, the chill of WW3 vs. civil war. 
It's never been more clear that a deep, spiritual healing is needed now more than ever. Spiritual/political healing.  Sure, we can't change the entire world once from behind a voting machine, but we sure can change the community, the neighborhoods in which we reside in both virtual and actual realities by our own daily actions.  
What we DO, what we SAY and WHO we are on a daily basis at home, 
online, in our work place within our community matters most.

If you claim or have claimed to be someone who "doesn't like drama" then it's imperative that you don't post dramatic shit online, or continuously mumble things that aren't nice about coworkers under your breath.  Dig?
If we want compassion, we must give compassion to others no matter what country, how much they make, what color their skin, their age, or what their political/spiritual belief. 
If you're a political advocate for whichever party, you're not winning anyone over talking at them and/or just posting "facts". Try starting a conversation with someone of opposing views by asking them a question or two.  Why not try: "This post peaked my attention. I'm curious as to why it resonates so much with you? or Why is it you feel X way?"  
Dialogue is best when people actually LISTEN.  
If you want to be the change you seek in the world, or even in your family - no matter how or what that particular dynamic may look like - lead by example.  
Whose example?
How about any of the ascended masters who came here to raise the vibration of the human soul: Buhdda, The Virgin Mary, Quan Yin or my personal favorite; JESUS. That guy was multiplying loaves of bread and fish to feed the less fortunate, healing the sick in droves and inviting whores and lepers to his dinner table.  
There was no wall in his teachings because he embodied oneness.

Finally, and on this note, I'm actually going to implore you - if you need help with your feelings, anger, overwhelm, grief, desperation, 
depression, sadness, loneliness- 
please get the attention that you deserve for it.  
Low vibe feelings don't have to overcome you. 
Negative emotions don't have to ruin your life - forever. 
You can use them as a tool to build a better life and no one can fix your life, 
your inside stuff but you. Self help books, meditation, exercise or talk therapy are so helpful.
Most of the time when we are hurting, when we feel the baggage crushing us and we are suffocated, we lash out passive aggressively or aggressively, we project our shadow as Carl Jung stated onto others consciously or subconsciously which does not contribute to the overall vibe of world peace. Spiritually, happiness is your birthright. It's actually everyone's. 
Big picture, contagious happiness (leading by example) is a ticket to the reality of world peace. 

Wishing you happy, healthy and whole. XOXO 

Special thanks to the heart light of Jessica Lanyadoo for helping me move the "feelings" inside creatively. Sat Nam.

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