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Eostre, Venus Rising & Ignition.

Celebrating Eostre, Osatara today by lighting a candle or two at dinner a feast
and enjoying some Kundalini Yoga to balance Spring's New Year. 
Setting intentions for creativity as we days roll forward, powerfully with fertile mind and heart.

My hope for you, my friend is that you take some time to say a prayer to your ancestors,
the elements and Source thanking them for seeing you through winter and set in motion some loving thought forms for the next few months.  Our thoughts create everything.
A powerful Kundalini Yoga Challenge recommended for Spring.

Venus Rising, my beloved MOVE-ment is cultivating Kundalini Retreats (this summer!), public meditation at The Dimmick Memorial Library in Jim Thorpe, workshops,
a Sober Curious/Sober friendly Move-ment called Social Gravity that kicks off in April. 
I will be co-hosting this series with Stacey Hein creator of Tribe Yoga to benefit
Guardian Angel Recovery House.
Esoteric Adventure, the online intuitive learning journey starts…

Call of The Warrior Priestess - REVISTED.

The pressurization on our planet right now, the divisiveness, the polarization
between neighbor, family member, states and nations is so intense.
There are days we can feel it in our bones.
It may give you anxiety just thinking about it. But when we recognize the Call of The Warrior Priestess
we know deep in our soul, somewhere that we can change that. 
Let's first address the currents of amazing
CHANGE that in real time are happening.   +The Me Too Movement, +The Young men and Women Florida who are leading the
charge against the NRA
and politicians,  +The Women's March,  +1000 strange musicians coming together to play a foo fighters song.

How lucky we are to be here in this space, to have this privilege to come
together and be inspired, to want to be empowered - together.  That in itself is good news!
Let's continue to share good news the changes happening
- with each other, instead of always focusing on airing out our grievances,
or gossiping which is low vibe stuff.
Let us turn…