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Dear "Light Worker" You're Not Going to Want To Read This

We the souls riding the wave in this human experience have become quite uncomfortable with the day to day workings of living or how to make one on this planet. 
In a large percentage of my readings and coaching, questions like "what is my souls purpose?", or "what is my perfect job?" are often the focus.

The wake, eat, work, pay bills, don't eat because you paid bills, try to sleep trappings of our modern society is soul crushing at times.  I personally find myself wondering how best we can make our time here on the earth ship more fruitful, more fun, less stressful and leaning into the real work which is relationships, connection, being of service and elevating mankind to no avail.
If you have a life, if you live in the western society it's hard to escape the pervasive nine to five culture. In addition, it's hard to navigate the dark mental, spiritual, emotional side effects of our socio-economic structure.

If you are a light worker, if you identify with the term empath or Shaman or Healer or Spiritual seeker in any capacity I know you feel this uncomfortable-ness in your daily reality even more so than others.
And if you are going through a Dark Night of the Soul or you've had a Kundalini awakening it's one hundred times more tough to wear the cloak of our modern day structure because it can actually feel like hell.  It can seem as if there is no escape to the ties that bind us to a systematic wheel where the only things certain are death and taxes. Day to day can be redundant, meaningless. Punching a clock. Seeing the same faces who may not be so nice, the feeling of trying to manifest abundance and not being able to get a head as you live paycheck to paycheck can actually manifest physically as illness or as depression.

Navigating life when it can feel that there is more out there, when you feel the Ascension coming or your own spiritual path is not easy can steal your joy. It's hard to be as the kids call it - 'woke'. . You may even want to leave the life you are living behind to start over.

But you can't up heave your life to follow your spiritual path overnight. It's not plausible. Often it's not possible. There may or may not be enough money for the coaching certificate or yoga school. You may be channeling tons of messages from spirit and you have no idea what you want to do with them. How then do you live?  What is your next right step?
How do you thrive among people around you who may be in what seems like an unconscious hive mind and you want so badly to do something that more suits your awakening? 
And with your awakening - what then is your calling?

While this is a great question to ponder, it doesn't get answered overnight.  It is a journey with no time stamp. It is a call to your guides to show you the way, to ask how best you can show up and let the people and experiences that will support this align with for you with grace and ease. 

If you feel uncomfortable in your life as it is, DO NOT ABANDON YOUR SHIP.
Stay right where you are and lead by example. By your authentic, educated, genuine actions and your words you start to or continue to "serve others". You will help heal your vibration and theirs by bringing joy into the situation right where you are. While this may seem impossible in a factory setting or mopping the floor at the grocery store this is the way you grow into your new calling.
It's the way you keep your vibration up and allow the synchronicity to magnify - by bringing healing to those around you by being comfortable in your spirits knowing.
Why? Because You're light is needed most in the dark.
A Teacher doesn't run from people who are asking questions, she facilitates the room she's in.
A healer heals the wounded period. And right now - it's all a battlefield.

I've come across women who won't work - any job - because it's "not their calling."
They also however freely complain of no abundance and feeling stuck.  But by not lending themselves to a paycheck regardless of "calling" or spiritual pondering shirks the spiritual responsibilities of being a householder.  And if there are children involved it offsets their capacity for abundance right off the bat. If there is a husband who is about to break underneath the weight he is lifting for the family it can create resentment in the relationship which then excludes joy, happiness and health for each participant

Women who abandon their children, to be raised by other family members indefinitely while they chase their ascension process can not heal other people or be of service.  There is no spiritual sovereignty in this. Disregarding children as part of the path of learning, or service is bypassing the greatest spiritual teachers we actually have!

Our souls calling is to come back to, to live from our natural state of love and joy. (Which children naturally are). But to get there we must incorporate our own self healing and attend to our own wounds first so that we can experience the full range of emotions to heal and know ride of their tide! In our healing we will naturally be led to joy.
When we share our journey, our vulnerability with other people, as inspiration, as connection, as oneness then, will in turn create an even greater consciousness of healing. The spiritual path is not easy, nor is it a filled with feathers and palo santo at every turn.  Often it is gut wrenching, life altering, falling on our knees feeling alone in the Universe.  It is arduous but necessary.

However, we can come to spiritual healing or find our soul's calling by employing and being consistent with daily spiritual rituals. 

Daily spiritual ritual will keep our families together in love, they will us safe and sane.
Some suggestions beyond meditation (always meditation) would be this:
+ Pray while you are preparing your food.  Whether it's nourishment you are preparing for you or for others, asking your guides and higher power to assist you in blessing the meal can change you and them from the inside out.
+ Setting an intention during your morning routine.  A lot of people complain that they don't have time to meditate in the morning but as you shower, comb your hair, put your clothes, face on - you can make this a ritual that is sacred to you, connecting you to your higher power and intending for your day to play out a certain way.
+  Blessing others during your commute.  Walking, taking the train or stuck in traffic taking this time to extend blessings to strangers, asking for a miracle for them, or wishing them a good day is being of service.
+Random acts of kindness. Buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you, even smiling and saying hello to someone creates connection and hope.
+Gratitude Journal or just say your thanks before meals or while you are folding your laundry/doing the dishes.
+Write love notes. Anonymously or deliberately.

Now these are just some examples.  But it's also why we need you to shine your light right where you are.  Not just on your insta feed, not running from retreat to retreat or trying to figure out which healing modality you will wear best. You can't wreak havoc in your personal life and expect to having a successful reiki business. Your energy/vibe truth is everything. 
Get into the spiritual and healing work by doing the work - right where you are - each day.  Live in your power more fully and completely by being of service to the life you are already living.
Be a great mother, a great wife, lover, provider.  Be an empowering sister, daughter, co-worker by allowing your truth to come through your every move. 
Be graceful and dignified in your present and you will magnetically attract your next right step on the spiritual path or in light.

Women are waking up and rising up right now in a way that it so powerful and monumental.  But we can not emotionally, spiritually, materially, or physically NOT BE present to the people in our lives, family, community that surround us or need us. They need our healing, our loving example the most.

Women POWERFULLY multitask by our own nature. We have the capacity to be a bread winner, a house holder, a laundry folder and a spiritual worker within our day to day lives. You don't have to have a separate identity or path. Own the path you are on right now by asking your guides to illuminate the words, the next right actions you can take throughout your day - every day.

A Prayer for the House Holders:

Dear (God, Source, Universe, Goddess, Divine)

May this day and every action I take, every word that I formulate within it be of love, be of light and be of your service.  I ask you to guide me, to allow me to inspire those that need it the most.  May the power within me, be the power you are willing through me, radiating, penetrating every person I meet and every task I greet big or small.  I surrender this day to you, welcoming any and all miracles in support of my souls highest journey at this time.  Amen.

You are so powerful, right where you are.  OWN it.


I will explore even more Daily Spiritual Rituals to incorporate
self love at Body Magic later this month.  I'd love to see you.


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