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Cheers to 2017's keen evolution & a prayer for next year.

A humbled look back.....minus any nightcap I'd have leaned on in previous seasons. 
I made it!  I have been dry 365 days
Caught myself admitting that I picked a fine year to exorcise these spirits a handful of times!  Through both hell and high water, victory is about to be mine regardless of  how many petitions, phone calls or texts I've sent the government, gritting my teeth wanting whiskey to wash them all down.
Outside circumstances, the shit show spews hot garbage water worldwide!
It may continue a little while longer. The news gives me no solid hope.
But I've come to a place of peace, knowing it is beyond just me in so many ways. And my world, my neighborhood, my street, my clients, family and friends - that is my responsibility.
Flexibility and sovereignty however I find more suitable to my personal needs. And sobriety, well that feels like an added superpower in case you were wondering.

Mercy, grace, absolution.

Thirty days at the beginning of 2017, found me on my knees listing names, incidents/events to pour loving forgiveness over. This was no easy task but so very necessary.
Forward and backward movement in some of the relationships or lack there of happened throughout the year. Nothing short of a miracle either way.  Peace is where I stand regardless.

Art always art. 
But personified.
My locks, now a thing of teen age rebellion.
The #Resistance working itself through the uncomfortable both inside and out. Aho!

Loss. Grief. Grieving. Recovery.
A dear friends suicide ripped me open, spit in my veins and started a holy war inside my head and heart.  Then I was reborn.
I went out to find tools to help anyone in distress through Kundalini Yoga & meditation.
I couldn't save my friend. I get it. But at least I now I have tools moving forward in my work.

A chapters end brings big, heartfelt expansion.
At the start of 2017, I lit a candle and whispered to the angels. A few months later, boom! Fruition!
I left my brick & mortar having the feeling to expand that no one space could contain me or the energy. My soul, my clients also outgrew the container that lovingly supported the spiritual work the last five years.
The Universe works in beautiful and mysterious ways;
leading a Medium retreat in Woodstock, grand Red Tent events
& Kudalini Yoga teacher training emerged.
2018 is looking so shiny! Welcoming even! It takes my breath away!
The one on one work, meditation, Venus Rising workshops being booked far and wide
(Paris, Oct 2018) and teaching intuitive tools one on one.
OH! My heart sings in praise & thanksgiving. I feel so sure moving forward and so supported.
My eyes swell with happy tears just typing, my heart beats to the rhythm:  Thank You.

Transcending H8, judgement & some shady ass low level vibes.
You know, the world is full of jerks. They came out of the wood work right?
But you don't need to be one if you are in pain no matter how sad, insecure or bad you feel.
What a grand theme in 2017's events. Of course, I wasn't personally immune and some pretty dark matter came my way.
The Lessons:
1) elevate and demons will do anything to make your foundation shake.
2) Send more Love. I've included this person on my blessing list every day.
Oddly enough, I'm actually grateful. I've learned how to rise above the nasty $hi# in the most JEDI way. Again, my heart beats to the drum of - thank you 2017.

Celebration is .....medicine.
This year, when I could, I Celebrated everything.  
Turn up the music, dance like there's no tomorrow and whatever your friends/family's wins are, be lifted up with them. That's the sweet spot. That's where I came back to life. When the ones you love win, you win and vice versa. That's holding space for and spreading the good vibes.

When in doubt, lean in on love.
The love of my immediately family, my daughter, fiance, the love of my friends, my community.   There was such doubt while grieving, retching with "what if's?" and "I could/should have's."
Their love illuminated the darkness where I found my dropped sword, straightened my spine and stood back up.

On this last day of 2017 feet firmly planted, open heart, shoulders back, smile on my face
I am in declaration once again standing for my true faith in LOVE in all it's splendor and glory, with Venus, Archangel Michael & The Guru's at my back.
Unwavering, now, steady - I still stand FOR LOVE.
Bring it on!
2017 was a tough Mother F*^&N cookie.

But I'm ready for what's to come. Are you?

So here we are! To 2018 we go! 
Full speed and intentions ahead. WOO WOO!
There are so many good things coming!  The Weird Like Me podcast will begin in January, more Venus Rising events so we can get together and rise! - Venus Rising retreats and classes and more!  One last time for good measure - heart beating, deep breath - THANK YOU.

Finally, my 2018 prayer is this:

May there be less lying and more truth telling - to ourselves and others.
May the sun shine less on cowards with foolish lips and reactive fingertips and bring forth an army of passionate human interest heroes.
May Christs' life's actions be the intention in the hearts and minds of those who call themselves "Christian."
May the wind of positive soul to soul change and transformation be at our backs with grace and with ease.
May the earth get the healing she so desperately needs.
May love never leave our hearts no matter what circumstances bring and may hope always light the way through and forward while Angels sing. May you be blessed, may your family be blessed and may your life be filled with wonder and joy.


All my love,


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