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Cheers to 2017's keen evolution & a prayer for next year.

A humbled look back.....minus any nightcap I'd have leaned on in previous seasons. 
I made it!  I have been dry 365 days
Caught myself admitting that I picked a fine year to exorcise these spirits a handful of times! Through both hell and high water, victory is about to be mine regardless of  how many petitions, phone calls or texts I've sent the government, gritting my teeth wanting whiskey to wash them all down.
Outside circumstances, the shit show spews hot garbage water worldwide!
It may continue a little while longer. The news gives me no solid hope.
But I've come to a place of peace, knowing it is beyond just me in so many ways. And my world, my neighborhood, my street, my clients, family and friends - that is my responsibility.
Flexibility and sovereigntyhowever I find more suitable to my personal needs. And sobriety, well that feels like an added superpower in case you were wondering.

Mercy, grace, absolution.

Thirty days at the beginning of 2017, found me on…