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Lightening Up Your Feed

You're hurting. It's palpable.

Something awful has happened. You've been fired, someone has betrayed you, you lost a battle perhaps you didn't even know you were fighting .                          

We feel you.

In your day to day life, your energy speaks it through your verbal/non verbal communication. It's tough. We gather around and support you in your time of need.

We ask that you be healed.

We want that for you, please - also, want that for you -  and take a pause - sit with your event and the lessons.

Call on your guides.

Call in the Angels.

Cry when necessary.

Do not be afraid to ask your close friends for help.

We feel you.

But in reference to the big picture, the great big one with all of the outcomes and lessons learned and the pain and suffering transformed, there is a commitment that's important to your own dignity, your self respect, your on and off line reputation that's imperative to your healing process & I think it's about time to make:

Keep your social media feed clean.

Listen, we are all guilty of it. Underhanded digs through GIFs or MEME's at someone who betrayed our trust. And no doubt that you have every right to exercise your freedom of speech.

But your words have such power & impact that penetrates deeply through the internet and beyond.

A temporary experience you're in may suddenly be graced with a wind of change, for example, a couples or friends break up could be reconciled or a post about a stolen item may turned up found, in the possession of the person who posted. Drawing lines in the sand may cost you your own peace of mind and a door slammed on a perfectly imperfect miscommunication.

Our thumbs rarely think of negative repercussions to unmindful social media activity and because it's become commonplace our personalities have become so reactive to our devices to just let our thoughts just go. And sure you may think you have marked your output 'friends only' but do you remember all 1059 people on your friends list? One or two of them could screen shot your share and forward it to the wrong person. I know personally there have been people who posted nonsense on Facebook after experiencing a misunderstanding with me. While I'm in a place to forgive/pray/release I definitely have a hard time forgetting some of the pain their social media posts brought.

Here's are some thoughts on how to reign in the feels before sending your vibes be it in a snarky meme, tweet or online photo - out across the internet universe.

Would it hurt you if you were applying for a job?

Could a loan or financial manager use it against you?

Would a rental agency or landlord deny you an application because of what you are about to share?

Would/could it affect a higher education application?

Would you repeat the sentiment to a stranger in the supermarket for others to hear?

Is it something that could affect your children/parents/family?

If you are an entrepreneur, is what you are about to say worth an ounce of bad marketing for your business?

Could it sever any chance of friendship or relationship in the future?

Is it legal? - Please consider if what you are putting out into the universe could be considered threatening, harassing or slander.

Are you being insensitive to someone who may be grieving a significant loss?

Is this post necessary? Is it kind?

What really does this thought have to say about YOU?

We've all seen the political posts no matter what side of the party line that we live on that make us grit our teeth. We have people on our feed that only post photos of their food, their parent 'fails' or incessant work outs and yet others who seem to only find the doom, gloom or see red over what seems to be almost everything in their life.
We can scroll past politely can't we?

(psssst you can stay connected to them by politely hiding their feed.)

 While we're here, these bullet points may prove positive to you in face to face conversation as well. The world is a very small place and more often than not, you never know who you will meet that you may leave a questionable impression on.

The point of this entire post is that your words have significant power. They tell a lot about your personality and how you are capable of handling or not handling yourself in the face of adversity.

They also create your reality. So please be mindful of putting others down online or out loud, of attacking business owners, perpetuating gossip, airing out your DL or just using social media as a dumping ground for monkey mind.

Keeping your output light will bring more light into your life.

Give it a go for the next 365 days or simply start by taking the #30daysofgratitude challenge.

Post something you want to illuminate that brings you happiness or joy and see how your feed and the world changes around you.
I promise if you are feeling something that's the opposite of awesome it will help your healing experience too.

All my love,

Mick G





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