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Lightening Up Your Feed

You're hurting. It's palpable. Something awful has happened. You've been fired, someone has betrayed you, you lost a battle perhaps you didn't even know you were fighting .                           We feel you.
In your day to day life, your energy speaks it through your verbal/non verbal communication. It's tough. We gather around and support you in your time of need.
We ask that you be healed. We want that for you, please - also, want that for you -  and take a pause - sit with your event and the lessons. Call on your guides. Call in the Angels. Cry when necessary. Do not be afraid to ask your close friends for help.
We feel you.
But in reference to the big picture, the great big one with all of the outcomes and lessons learned and the pain and suffering transformed, there is a commitment that's important to your own dignity, your self respect, your on and off line reputation that's imperative to your healing process & I think it's about ti…