Here are my demands.

Everyday, dozens of questions come at me via text, email, voicemail, Facebook,
instagram and on the street. My late friend Tommy encouraged me to answer every single one because every one, EVERYONE matters.  And yes, I truly do believe that.

In my spiritual practice, my intention is to hold space with those who are looking to open up more, to be inspired, to touch possibility then take that into their world and light the next candle closest to them. Every day I pray for healing - for you, for the good of all.
That is what fires me up. That is what gets me pumped in the morning when I'm dancing solo in my kitchen getting ready to take on the day, bringing on the good vibes!

Sure, I may see things other ignore. And true, I've been known to serve as a line between the physical and the unseen.  But what's most important is that I am a soul, just like you having a human experience. With that comes the same trials, tribulations and concerns you have on a daily basis
- trust me.

It is such an honor is to sit with you, to share, to unburden the grief or to help you remember the good parts of your loved ones that still get to live within your heart - and theirs - again - for healing.
I ask that all who bare witness, myself included - heal.

So with that, I have some ground rules I need to address.

I will not tell your fortune nor do I care to.
I won't change a reading because you didn't like what I told your daughter about her current boyfriend.
When you spend time with me you're not being tricked. I have nothing in my sleeve for you. I'm just not that involved.
You may want to give a false name when you make an appointment or no name at all and I have to be honest, it's just rude.  It doesn't feel good from the get and makes me not want to do it.  I'm not a dog and pony show.
You may decide to be dropped off a block away so I don't recognize your friends car I may have met months ago.  I mean, OK. If you want but I hardly remember what I eat for breakfast and I'm rarely waiting by the door or window - that's up to you.
You may fold your arms and be set on one word that you want to hear leave my lips missing the point of the work entirely.  I assure you - that word will never come.  It also not my thing to bark on command.  I wasn't 'trained to' I don't want to - so our vibes, they aren't going to match & yes, you're wasting your time.
I am also not here to please you. So whatever boundaries or walls, or tricks, anything you need to do to make a point - is...
about you.

Please leave me out of it.

So my list of demands is this.
If any of the above rings true for you don't waste my time.  We're both running out of it....
If your just coming to see what I might say to you or because a friend had a good experience and other "psychic's" bored you, take your game elsewhere.
I have no interest in your comparative market fortune telling or being the topic of conversation at your development circle because you heard I "was that good."
If you're willing to come with an open heart &open mind, let's connect and set the world ablaze. Let's pray together. Let's meditate and clarify affirmations.
Anyone who knows me or has spent time with me knows that I am not in this work for money or for fame. It's not my bag. There's a reason I don't advertise.
Being of service is an honor.

At this time, having a session with me is not guaranteed and
I refuse the right to 'read' for anyone throwing shady ass vibes.

Please respect my boundaries.



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