Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dance, because it's all burning down.

Chaos doesn't whisper, ever.
It screams at the top of it's lungs and breaks bottles while the record skips for the thirty sixth time.
Chaos erupts as you realize you've run out of all of the food and supplies. Worse, you're miles from the nearest store and you forgot to fill up the gas tank because you were short on cash anyway.
The establishment is against you. Taxing you at every turn. You can't afford to breath let alone keep the roof over your head. F the man.

The only thing you can do is pick the needle up, skip to the next melody and dance.
It's all we have really.
We can create moments where we choose to turn off the outside world, release the things we can't change and safely navigate our hips through the beat, sweating out the tears we really wish we could cry on a daily basis because shit is ....(FILL IN THE BLANK WITH YOUR OWN EXPLETIVE.)

My dear, my dear! It's all burning down now.  Everything is on fire and it's all burning down.
We can gather round the flames holding hands or we can raise them in the air in some kind of sacred shamanic release.

These moments for the making, pleasure seeking and taking are fleeting.
I want to taste the flavors in front of me surrounded by and handful of people I truly love breaking bread with.
I want to feel the skin of my lover on top of me, smell the spring all around me every time I step our my front door and see the smiles of strangers when I flash my pearly whites first.
I choose life all of it in it's most delicious forms from this moment forward until the lights go out.
I choose to live with no regrets, with all my senses for as long as I am blessed to.
I invite you to - too.

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