Sunday, November 6, 2016

   Everything is spiritual. 


     There is nothing we can not attach a message or lesson to.
Relationships, our jobs, our families, working out, food, eating food, making food, making love, making art, music, school, hanging out with friends.

     There is life and energy in all things. a sacredness in all things. Sitting in my office last Saturday, I counted on two hands how many people stopped to photograph a mural I created about six years ago.  It was a transformative piece for me.

     The woman who is responsible for these photographs, Roxi Kringle had a message for me that day. I had to get up and open the door to invite her in. I had to speak to her. She asked me about the idea for the piece.

     "Recycled Jesus?" I asked. I made the explanation short and sweet and threw in my joke about how it took a lot of bandaids.  IN my vulernability she reciprocated that she also was a Minister.  That was it. I knew that I was being shown, on this the anniversary of Recycled Jesus, that I wasn't alone. That women in faith mattered and that EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL.

     This revelation inspired me to go on a new adventure maturing my old blog space into something more interactive and upbeat.

So no more ghosts. And no more dear diary ramblings.
With this, I invite you to give up your hardest challenges right now, to email me and allow for an anonymous sharing a cleansing vulnerability so that others may learn and we can share in the healing.  There is spiritualness and deep lessons in your current circumstance.
Let me help shine a loving light.
I am truly looking forward to it.

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