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The current state of affairs is overwhelming.
As a daughter of a retired Police Chief, I am in shock.
Consoling friends and clients that span every human community is at an all time high.
We are all feeling this pain and we want to place blame immediately but fingers and guns are pointed in every direction.

As a community organizer, I am appalled by local government officials still reeling over a peace vigil held in a park three weeks ago that aired on TV last night.  Shame on you.

Social media has become a volatile playground for hate and less comforting.

My eight year old is confused.

At this moment, I can only offer this:
We must surrender our need to be right and our self righteousness and lay down our arms be in the form of strong tweets. wicked tongues or in weaponry not only for our sake but for the sake of the future of our children.

If we do not throw up our hands and start saying all of us and not just some of us,
surely our borders, our walls will  crumble.
This world do…