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How to Apologize when you really F&6% Up.

At one point or another....
We have all F*%*d Up.
For real.
Admit it. We are human and we were born to er make mistakes.
This is part of our evolution as spiritual beings having a human experience.

But admitting when you have been wrong or wronged in the dance of life
with someone well, that's the first part of being an active participant in any relationship.
Not just the intimate kind but the friendship or acquaintance kind the work ones and the good old family vibes kind!

I'm talking mutual relationships...all of them.

As you know, in life things often go awry.
Sometimes even horrifically.
One persons stress can mean another persons nightmare.
Miscommunication blossoms from bad moods or misunderstanding and sometimes it's just circumstances beyond anyone's control.
Then, temperatures flare.  Ego's are bruised.
Vows of silence are silently sworn  and to some, apologies just don't seem like the right thing to do. Ever.

Insert (Ghosting).  Gasp!