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There is no room for H8 in the White House.

The White House has not been stained by Obama's presidency.
Which is what most people who are screaming that they want this country "great again" will argue when you ask them why they are supporting Donald Trump.

And yet none of Trumps supporters can actually site a historical source, or give reason beyond doubt about any of Trumps supposed policies other than 'building a wall along the border' and 'making Mexico pay for the wall' as loudly and angrily as they can.

The last time I checked, church or state or otherwise; separation doesn't bring anyone together.
It only divides.

And speaking of divide the corporations and businesses hiring the help that are willing to work for less than a living wage are certainly more of an issue than the problematic people of Mexico wanting to flee their own countries current state of affairs.

What Trumps presidential campaign has done for this country is put numbers and faces to the incredible amount of fear that Fox news and other dedicated paid for media outlets created since the start of the Bush administration's horrific charade on Iraq.

This presidential campaign has allowed racists to stand up and be accounted for and has given a voice to the ignorant who want to hold on to a feeling of 'being safe'.

The greatest threat to American's are American's more than any other terrorist organization and that has been seen time and time again at the hands of our nations children who take their parents guns into the hallways of our educational system and shoot to kill.

We have become a nation divide on this an many other issues including violence & mental health but the one you will hear about the most is who is and can and will be holding the all guns when it all falls down.

Trump was an idea to thwart other political running mates that got way out of hand according to his own PR rep who stepped down a little over a month ago.
And yet here we are with more violence erupting at the threshold of Trumps political rallies than any other candidate.
A nation divided not coming together out of the reason it was created in the first place, FREEDOM.
Trump got a second round of public support from the KKK today.

Another reason Trumps supporters want to be heard is because he clearly represents "The Good Old Days" that we have to get back to.
Every era has had it's political and socials issues and stigma.  And regardless of that feeling they are trying to call home there is no going back no matter how badly we pray for Doc and the Dolorian. There is only forward motion, movement, evolution and improvement.

In that sense, I truly do not want my daughter to be taught that hate in any form is ok.
I don't want her to believe that any leader of the Free world would be right in doing so.

My personal Facebook page has taken a lot of heat from my political views leaning a little less Republican and a little more towards well...Bernie Sanders.
People who didn't give me the time of day in high school have weighed in on my opinions and in not so nice of a tone. Remarkable really.

And in my thought bubble, it is a nightmare to wonder if North Korea and Donald Trump would come to a head to war head stand off if he got into "The White is Right House."
Do Trumps supporters know that other European countries have denounced the man and his candidacy?
Shall we build borders for those countries as well or be offended when they don't honor our passports?

I could go on but I will leave you with this thought:
If you do or don't vote that is on you.

Regardless of the circumstance or the issue, if you truly want America to be great in the future - when and where you can please choose love over fear.

Fear keeps us stuck in an era where guns and violence keep the war machine going and it is here where nobody wins.
Love takes us away from killing each other on our own soil, on "theirs" and puts us in a place where we can all sit at the table and eat together.

That ladies and gentlemen is honorable safety.  That is forward motion.



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