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6 Ways Not To Punch a B&^@ In The Face & Keep Your $^*t Together.

I have deep within me, the capacity for rage. Yes, this peace loving, hippy, priestess knows RAGE.
But I am talking the kind of rage where you see red then forget about slashing tires or breaking a guitar or punching a whole in the wall or worse.  I have done those things. I am not proud of those things and I have atoned as they were a life time or two ago when I was young and ego filled. Gulp.
To err is human. To grow, evolve.
Evolution is knowing the exact explosive buttons within me.
I have carefully calculated ways to both honor and defuse them.
Over the past decade, I have worked diligently on the root causes of such things and made a commitment to myself to never be that low vibrational deliberately.
Unforeseen circumstances to some, are now possibility for magic and miracles through my purposefully crafted lenses. I love life no matter who or what.

The opposite of Rage is Peace and or Love.  I actively choose that.  It just feels good.....better, best.
However, emotions - a…

There is no room for H8 in the White House.

The White House has not been stained by Obama's presidency.
Which is what most people who are screaming that they want this country "great again" will argue when you ask them why they are supporting Donald Trump.

And yet none of Trumps supporters can actually site a historical source, or give reason beyond doubt about any of Trumps supposed policies other than 'building a wall along the border' and 'making Mexico pay for the wall' as loudly and angrily as they can.

The last time I checked, church or state or otherwise; separation doesn't bring anyone together.
It only divides.

And speaking of divide the corporations and businesses hiring the help that are willing to work for less than a living wage are certainly more of an issue than the problematic people of Mexico wanting to flee their own countries current state of affairs.

What Trumps presidential campaign has done for this country is put numbers and faces to the incredible amount of fear that …