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Where have all the blogs gone?

My Paranormal life, The blog has been inconsistently -  consistent  and truly it has been too long since we have been together.   I miss you too.   Sincerely I do.
But life has changed tremendously, gears have shifted, projects have come to light  and this blog has taken a back seat to big changes and even more changes are coming.   In addition to being a mom to my super awesome eight year old and running my spiritual practice, I am about to finish a Harvard Religious literacy course, am in fellowship with James Van Praagh & have been diligently working on my very own memoir with the amazingly talented Chris Cascio.   You may or may not have notice that I shut down the retail portion of Venus Rising tunring it into a creative and spiritual hub of holistic and artistic classes as well as spiritual counsel & readings. (kicked off a new series of local artists last night with Lenore and it was a grand success!) And it all feels so very near perfect. Smiling is my favorite!  Exce…