Saturday, April 2, 2016

Where have all the blogs gone?

My Paranormal life, The blog has been inconsistently -  consistent 
and truly it has been too long since we have been together.  
I miss you too.  
Sincerely I do.

But life has changed tremendously, gears have shifted, projects have come to light 
and this blog has taken a back seat to big changes and even more changes are coming.  
In addition to being a mom to my super awesome eight year old and running my spiritual practice, I am about to finish a Harvard Religious literacy course, am in fellowship with James Van Praagh 
& have been diligently working on my very own memoir with the amazingly talented Chris Cascio.  
You may or may not have notice that I shut down the retail portion of Venus Rising tunring it into a creative and spiritual hub of holistic and artistic classes as well as spiritual counsel & readings.
(kicked off a new series of local artists last night with Lenore and it was a grand success!)
And it all feels so very near perfect. Smiling is my favorite! 
Except for this voice from the beautiful paranormal blog that has taken a back seat on a shelf in my new apartment and has been waiting to be watered and tended to for months.  Le sigh. 
But all of my paranormal juice is being poured into the current writing project and I want to hold sacred space for it there.  This process and what's coming of it is big and so raw and I have never been so vulnerable.  I am so very nervous to share it yet very excited at the same time. More on that later!So that's it.  For now, I am not sure if I will be back to this venue consistently but if there comes a time for it, you will be the first to know.
If you would like to book a session or send a love letter, 
or just drop a line and tell me what's up with you you can always reach me at
Be good to yourself, be good to everyone.
& Bye for now!

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