Meet Mina

Mina Stinson Crandon 
1888 - 1941

Mina, was more commonly known by the name Margery.  

The wife of  L.R.G. Crandon (Harvard professor), Margery was known to be a reliable physical medium.  In the early days of the spiritualist movement, Margery would go into a trance to communicate with souls that were no longer of this plane.  While her body was was in a state of unconscious exstacy, a phenomenon known as ectoplasm would form from her physical self.

Ectoplasm is a believed supernatural viscous substance which exudes from the body (of a medium) during spiritualistic trance and forms for the manifestation of spirits.

Mrs. Crandon's spirit control was said to be that of her decease brother, Walter Stinson who would deliver messages with a racy tone!

Margery along with her husband traveled to Europe where she would astound doctor and metapsychics Geley, physiologist Richet, and parapsychologist Harry Price. In order to test her, to exclude the possibility of ventriloquism, the Margery was forced to have a mouth full of water for the duration of the session: yet the words of Walter her spirit control, were heard clearly. 

Despite having a great reputation for not only delivering accurate information and weird supernatural events like ectoplasm, Margery was harassed by Harry Houdini who was obsessed with taking down the spiritualist movement after his mother had passed away.  
I don't know how she lived with the likes of such torment.  
Especially when such "scientific" sitters as Professor McDougall, of Harvard, who, after fifty sittings and signing as many papers at the end of each sitting to endorse the wonders recorded, was still unable to give any definite judgment, and contented himself with vague innuendos.  
All of this, much like a witch hunt was not mended by the interposition of 
Mr. E. J. Dingwall of the London S.P.R., who proclaimed the truth of the mediumship in enthusiastic private letters, but denied his conviction at public meetings. 

However, despite famed sitters with a chip on their shoulder, more than two hundred people who had wit enough and honesty enough to testify truly as to that which occurred before their eyes during a session with Mrs. Crandon praised her favor and her powers.

She was one of the first more impressive people or women so to speak other than The Fox Sisters to make her mark during the history and mystery of the Spiritualist Movement. 


  1. Wow! That was really interesting! It's somewhat understandable considering the times, but no less disheartening to read. It takes a strong person to endure such treatment.


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