A little excerpt from where I've been hiding:

     'Destruction, extinction and oblivion scream through media headlines.  Loss knows no boundaries and tugs at the coattails of life.

If I know anything about life, or in the here after or about what it entails, I am certain of this: the curtains of Death don’t discriminate.  They come to call at any whim, at any time and leave no parting gift more tangible than a headstone or urn.  Death releases, greases and ejects all at once making it the most sexual of non-sexual acts while escaping the physical realm.'

My loves, I've created a life that I truly love living.
Working on this film, meeting such amazing people
and traveling to exotically historic cities has lit me up
in places that I thought weren't possible.
And it's confession time - 
I haven't been writing my blog because my hands and words have been committed to a memoir of sorts.  It's been a great learning experience that I've only just begun.  I'm grateful to have a behind the scenes dude clapping and pushing me along the way. 

In the midst of all of the creativity, I'm continuing to serve and grow and raise my hand to God every day in true thanks for this - all of this - all of it.

In the Bible's book of Corinthians - it's says that Love doesn't boast - but I have to share how happy I am that all of my life, every corner of it feels FULL of love - the good, juicy, stuff.
It hasn't been easy.
Not every day is a five star day but I wouldn't trade this for the world.
I'm not afraid going forward.  
Everything I need to move ahead serendipitously shows up right on time.
The support I have from my family and tribe is true.
My eyes are filled with tears of gratitude.  Happy, happy tears.

Taking a risk to create a life you love is scary.
But it's necessary.
I get it and I so support you getting yours!
I have NO regrets.
I have nothing but love.
LOVE for everyone, everything and every happenstance along the way.  I thank all of you, all of the lessons, all of the experience that has led me to this glorious moment.



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