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The Ups & Downs of The Seeker

A woman came into my shop and mentioned I haven't been updating my blog lately.  I want to thank her for motivating me.

New Orleans was magical, mystical and no less than prolific.  I know, everyone wanted to know about the trip, but I shut down in the process of uncovering.  Hear me out.

I didn't want to give away it's magic. No words would have or could have done it justice.
And as soon as the plane landed and I washed the cajun off me, I emersed myself in the Oneness University's Sacred Chambers Process.
This time I did it twice in one weekend.  It will be my third time since March. For a total of 16 hours I prayed, meditated, peeled back onion layers that were blocking me from abundance.
Seeking is easy.  I love learning as much as I can about well, everything.
Coming back to reality this time, was hard.  I didn't want to.  I wanted to keep going.  Some of the things I came back to are worth a bit of an eye roll.

But now that reality has forced itself back in, I'…