Saturday, June 6, 2015

This Little Light Of Mine

My intention for 2015 was to get deeper into my spirituality.  Which, on any given day if you ask I will answer that I pull from a buffet of theologies but land mostly in the Universal, Unitarian, Bahai, Neo Pagan sect sprinkled of course in vintage Roman Catholic flavoring.

Going deep, deep deeper to shine this light of mine bright, bright, brighter has led me to the
Oneness Blessing since March as previously mentioned, the Kundalini Workshop which morphed into a private weekly yoga practice as my own version of worship.  I was also inspired by my clients and Spirit to execute information share classes on how to deepen intuition and connection.  I am so stoked to be having a celebratory ceremony tomorrow night for the end of our first semester.  
Next up, this Wednesday I will jump head first into the Daybreaker movement in NYC.
I'm taking my temple, my vessel to participate in the mass morning awakening that starts with Yoga and ends with dance!  And I couldn't be more excited.  Check it out here. 

One week later, I'm headed to New Orleans in celebration of  St. John’s Eve over Bayou.  It will be the first time I will participate in a form of Vodou baptism dedicated to Marie Laveau who I have had the distinct pleasure to meet in spirit through two of my clients. I'm excited at the possibility of interviewing the head Vodou priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman.

Finally, in the last week of June, I will take part in the Sacred Chambers of the Oneness blessing once more.  
None of these future experiences is where I came from Spiritually, or where I thought I might explore when I made my New Years resolution, but I'm excited to do so, to meet like minded people and to connect through mysteries through each faith. 

There's been a whisper in my ear, no - a tug on my heart strings really about how to make this story unfold and I can't wait to share with you, what that is going to be.  I'm giddy with excitement lining up interviews and putting together a visual component that, fingers crossed will tug on your heart strings one day too.

Where are you with your own journey right now? I'd love to hear about it.
I hope you are having a great weekend.  
Drop me a line or just say hi.  Love to love you.  
Rev. Mick G

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