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Whisky Tango...F This!

When I couldn't walk in January, I panicked...on the inside.  The clock had just turned 2105. The fact that I'm turning forty this year screamed in horror all over me, primarily in my feet.
This can't be happening.  I repeated over and over. I didn't want to cry in front of my daughter or boyfriend.
The usual 'who am I, how did I get here?' hand slap on my forehead was replaced with 'OMG WTH am I going to do?'

Not being able to stand upright was frightening in a way that I would have burst into flames if the diagnosis was crutches or a wheelchair.  I dropped to my knees and prayed for flexibility, for the pain to be taken away.
I asked my higher power to be led to non traditional healing methods that would prove doctor/prescription methodology of American medicine completely a scam once again .....and I did.

I was able to take my pain from a 12 down to a 2 in over the last four months by employing an anti inflammatory diet, neuromuscular m…