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Reader Questions & Confessions of an off duty Psychic.

QUESTION:  Isn't sharpening my intuition slippery? Won't it invite bad things?

ANSWER:  When you allow your anxiety muddy your intuition, or be mistaken for your inner knowing then yes.  Your anxiety is riddled in who, what, where, when, why with a big fat bow tie in the shade of FEAR.
Your intuition however, will alert you to what's possible and what's ahead as gentle nudges from the universe.  When you tap into your intuition divine synchronicities crop up at every turn and you feel at one and at peace with your higher power (and or the cosmos).

QUESTION: How do you strengthen your intuition?

ANSWER:  Meditate, meditate, meditate.  If you can't clear your head, guided meditation in the form of a Youtube video (there's millions) will get you started on the path to breath, calm and center.
 Ask if you are on the right path and ask for specific signs.  If you want your higher power to help you strengthen your connection ask to be shown something that is particular to you.  Perhaps you would like to see a cardinal.  Be open to receiving your answer if it comes on a billboard or hallmark card and not an actual cardinal. Stay open. It doesn't have to be hard.

Intuition will help you not go down the wrong road, be led to a better job, know who is calling before you see the name on the caller ID, and more!


And Now....Confessions Of An Off Duty Phone Psychic

***No names can or will ever be published.  This is a story from a very short stint I did as an 800 phone psychic in the past. Notice I said short stint.  It's easy for those of you who personally know me, know how sacred I revere my work and my clients. This experience left me feeling as cheap as a happy meal from McDonald's and toxic to booth.  That is why the length of my employment lasted just a little over one month by my own doing.  But more about that later...

When the phone rang, I became excited.  I had lit incense. made a comfortable space for me to be set up for the next 8 hours and just finished meditating.  I was spiritually high if you will wondering what today would hold. How many people would I inspire today? What parts of the planet would I reach?  Who would these people be? My cheeks burned from smiling.  This is what it was like to truly be thriving at that special thing that I was 'given'. At least that's what all the new age guru's promised watching their videos and reading their gospels per Hay House.

Ring Ring.

Me: "Good Afternoon You've reached Star, how can I be of service to you today?"
Caller: Yes, hello. I want to know why my daughter's principal at her school is so mean to me. I do quite a bit of  volunteering and the man is just plain old mean. He is down right nasty. All the parents complain about how mean he truly can be.
Me:  Well, I see that it's something that you shouldn't take personally because it seems that this is his general disposition with everyone.
Caller:  Ok.  Will he and I have a romantic relationship?  He is very handsome.

+++Ring, Ring.+++

2nd Caller: Yes hello, I called duh Psy -Kick duh udder day and she told me dat I was gonna meet a new boyfriend dis week.  I didn't meet any new boyfriend dis week.  I still have the same old boyfriend you know dat?  I was wondering where and when am I gonna meet him? Is he gonna be at the Walmart?  The Shop Rite?  The Deli down the street?  On what day?
Me: "Ok Let's see..."
2nd Caller: I mean, is he gonna be in the parking lot, or inside these places? Which one of these places do you get the tinglee's ovah cause I know that's ah, how y'all work when you get the goosebumps there.
Me. "It looks like..."
2nd Caller: And is my new boyfriend gonna be a millionaire? Cause da udder Psy-Kick says that he is. That he is gonna be rich like in the millions, like a millionaire.
Me: Waiting to see if she was actually going to let me answer her this time...
2nd Caller: "And da udder Psy-kick said that when he made the love to me, for the first time he was gonna cry.  Is he gonna cry when we make love? Is it gonna be cause I'm not like any udder woman he'd been wit?
Me: "I believe the other Psy-Kick is correct."
2nd Caller: Is he gonna like to go down on me?
Me: "I be your pardon?"
2nd Caller: "You know the Connie Lingis?  Is he gonna wanna be all up in me like dat? Cause my boyfrien right now doesn't like to get up in it."


3rd Call.  (It was the first caller from the the day.  The system let me know that it was a returning caller.)
Me:  Hello, how can I be of service to you?
Caller:  My daughter's principal, can you ask his spirit guides or his dead mother if he likes me or is interested in me romantically?
ME: I'm sorry, I won't do that.
Caller:  Then I'm going to report you!

And that concludes this episode of Confessions of An Off Duty Phone Psychic.

I am grateful for what I considered to be spiritually painful time with the unnamed 800 network because it made me truly value my gifts for what they are.
It also made me have the guts to truly stick to the way that I do things - differently.
If there is one thing that I am certain of - it's that I'm not a cheap, neon palm, entertainment only fortune teller.
I am in love with being a Spiritual Counselor, an authentic transformation activist who is not willing to take anyone's money based on telling them things that they want to hear.  I have refused clients readings based on the facts that there questions and concerns are always the same.  My true desire is to show them WHAT is blocking them from getting what they want or ahead or out of the grim situation that they are in.  My magic is giving them the tools so that they have the courage and power to do the work themselves and not bank on what ANYONE says.
The entire PSY-KICK hotline experience made me see that discounting my service really ate at my core.  After the third caller that specific day, I threw my phone across the room yelling "I'm totally not doing this for the money."

The end.


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