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Reader Questions & Confessions of an off duty Psychic.

QUESTION:  Isn't sharpening my intuition slippery? Won't it invite bad things?ANSWER:  When you allow your anxiety muddy your intuition, or be mistaken for your inner knowing then yes.  Your anxiety is riddled in who, what, where, when, why with a big fat bow tie in the shade of FEAR.
Your intuition however, will alert you to what's possible and what's ahead as gentle nudges from the universe.  When you tap into your intuition divine synchronicities crop up at every turn and you feel at one and at peace with your higher power (and or the cosmos).

QUESTION: How do you strengthen your intuition?ANSWER:  Meditate, meditate, meditate.  If you can't clear your head, guided meditation in the form of a Youtube video (there's millions) will get you started on the path to breath, calm and center.

 Ask if you are on the right path and ask for specific signs.  If you want your higher power to help you strengthen your connection ask to be shown something that is particula…