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Echoes Of Time Vibrating In My Minds Eye

A question I often get asked is that if I "see" what's going on around someone or if I have to shut off to what's going on in the outside world.

The truth is 80% of the time, I see what's going on emotionally, energetically and spiritually around an individual when I am not in in complete "session" or reading mode" and just going about my day to day business.  The awesomeness of this is because I'm more focused on being present, being the best mother, friend, business woman, person I can be in the moment.  I am also not looking to entertain the masses in my waking life with parlor tricks.

I have learned to put boundaries between my gift and spirit in order to give my daughter a healthy shot at being a kid.  It also really helps to get my daily tasks done!

However, there are times when I will see, hear, feel, smell things in the ether that perhaps are much bigger than the daily agreement I have with spirit.  And what happened this weekend was a great example of that.

I am excited to share this story.

Friday I went in the basement to do laundry and came across something new to me paranormally - a ghost type flood.  It was as if the entire basement was under water and things were floating by me - when there was actually in my reality, no water at all.  I remembered hearing that there was a flood in town specifically on the street I lived on in the 1800's.  I quick looked it up and saw, it actually happened more than once and claimed almost 200 lives.

Saturday morning I awoke to sound of horse and buggy but didn't think twice until I realized it was six am and the tourist carriage ride didn't start till at least 10 and it was freezing outside. So I ran to the window witness more than one carriage making it's way up the street, but they were shadows of carriages.

That evening, I met a client from out of town staying at The Inn at Jim Thorpe for a reading.  Now, I know this place is active because I know most of the staff there and I have so much fun listening to their experiences.  Because I'm also a regular, I do a bit of shielding before I go to not pick up on any lower level energies that are attracted to and that I've had encounters with at the bar.  But sitting with my client, It was as if the restaurant was full, and I was watching people go by in all types of clothing from all era's.  I had to ground myself in my hot lemon water, and ask to keep my focus on my clients specific needs due the parade of spirit around us.

Yesterday, I went back to the same place for dinner.  While my friends were talking I drifted off and noticed that the room was starting to fill with smoke.  I blinked to make sure I knew what I was seeing cause at this specific time, the kitchen was closed.  Fire engulphed the walls.  I couldn't smell anything so I knew I was picking up on an echo. I interrupted my associates and asked "there was a fire here once right?"  The answer was yes, but this morning I researched it to find that in 1849 it burnt to the ground.

"It's the steeple!" I exclaimed.  I had remembered earlier in the day when Dan Becker came to visit that he was so upset that the steeple of the Presbyterian church was being removed. 
I asked when it begun. "Friday".
"So I'm getting glimpses of history because a piece of history is being compromised or taken away."

I put three and six together to realize it wasn't because I didn't do a great job of my usual daily shielding routine, it was because this was monumental.  This was a vibration that was unexpected and significant.
I am truly in aw of the way exchos and vibration and imprints will surface when a foundation or a significant landmark's energy is manipulated or destroyed.

I guess this is also a great lesson for the books.

As always, you can ask questions at
and share if you think it's appropriate.

Much love, MG.


  1. Hi Michelle, this is the first time I heard anything about the steeple being removed at the Presbyterian Church in town. If the spirits felt anything like what I felt after learning about it, I can completely understand why. I'm not quite sure why I feel that way because I don't spend a huge amount of time in town nor do I attended the church, but I became very overwhelmed with a sense of a funeral of some sort.


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