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Echoes Of Time Vibrating In My Minds Eye

A question I often get asked is that if I "see" what's going on around someone or if I have to shut off to what's going on in the outside world.

The truth is 80% of the time, I see what's going on emotionally, energetically and spiritually around an individual when I am not in in complete "session" or reading mode" and just going about my day to day business.  The awesomeness of this is because I'm more focused on being present, being the best mother, friend, business woman, person I can be in the moment.  I am also not looking to entertain the masses in my waking life with parlor tricks.

I have learned to put boundaries between my gift and spirit in order to give my daughter a healthy shot at being a kid.  It also really helps to get my daily tasks done!

However, there are times when I will see, hear, feel, smell things in the ether that perhaps are much bigger than the daily agreement I have with spirit.  And what happened this weekend was a…