Friday was so  School was closed due to a malfunction in the heating system.
Sophia and I didn't care as we love to spend time together making music and creating.
We had errands to run.  So we quit doing our remixes & headed out to get ingredients for our storm prep.

On our way, Sophia spotted someone who we used to be very close to.  She asked if I wanted to cross the street because her last memory of this person was of them screaming at me, in our home, in front of her.
"No honey." I replied. Enough time's passed maybe a miracle will happen today.
We kept walking & talking.  As we approached our ex beloved, the cell phone came out, head went down and miracle went out the window.
"Well..."Sophia said.  "He's not paying attention."
"That's ashame.  I told her. "The phone is such a terrible distraction.  It'll only really save you if you dial 911 in an emergency.  Some people text while they are driving & get killed or kill other people.  The phone is bad when your walking. A car could jump the curb you can get your head taken off or worse cause your not paying attention.  It's better to always look up."  
"Plus you love smiling at strangers."  Sophia giggled.
I was disheartened but it was a good lesson to repeat to myself and to teach my daughter.
A few moments later, this same person walked directly in front of us. This time in the same direction we were headed. "He's going to think we're following him."  Sophia said.  
"Noooooooooo.   I'm sure he won't think that. But if he wants to talk he'll talk to us."
"Yeah but remember when he was screaming at you, and you just kept saying come back and let's talk when he calmed down?"  Her hand gestures were funny and they lifted my heart. " Mom, you told him like eight times and he never came! And you weren't even yelling back at him!"
This was her final memory of him until now.
"It's ok. Everything happens for  reason. It's so important to just pay attention when you're on the street. Ok?"

We finished our errands, counted how many steps it took us to cross the bridge (323!).  We sang a song as we approached home.

My phone buzzed.

It was a text from the aforementioned.  It was accusing, hypocritical, viciously misinformed, threatening and above all, certainly uncalled for.  Sophia saw my face & asked what was wrong.  I read her the message as she was present and was witness to our truth.
"We weren't even saying anything bad!  What's the heck? Tell him to mind his own business and leave us alone!"  She shook her head.  I reached down & held her.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart.  Mommy loves before she thinks."
I was angry.  My hands shook. Here was someone who we both deeply cared for so very much, and had an open invitation to come and discuss our misunderstanding but instead chose the path of abusive emails to which I had no reply.  This time, though going against everything I believe, because I believe that no one should hide behind a text or email and everything should and can be worked out in person if love was ever present....I shot back.  "If you had any idea what we were really saying, You would thank me."  I then blocked his number, closed my eyes & said a prayer to bless the situation.

There are 3 morals to this story that have very VALUABLE MERC RETRO info:

1. Actions speak louder than words and words hurt.  Had this person looked up and locked eyes with us they would have clearly known we meant no harm.  Opportunity, magic, miracle - missed.  Be weary of your phone use in public.  You could be missing a vital, important connection.

2.   According to astrologers & the like this is one of the most "Dangerous Mercury Retrogrades".  Here's an article from Elephant Journal to read more. 

3.  You can't stop the technological (& beyond) miscommunication, fear or anxiety based projections from people buzzing about these days chaos fueled days but what you can do is take a pause or a breath & simply bless the situation.  I turned to one of my spiritual books for a message to take the shake out of my hands.  The first thing I gazed eyes upon read as follows:
Blessing Our Circumstances
Bless a thing & it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you.  If you bless a situation it has no power to hurt you, and even if it's troublesome for a time, it will gradually fade out, if you sincerely bless it. - Emmet Fox

I don't know about you, but I'm a Virgo.  My ruling planet is Mercury.  Shit always seems to hit the fan for me 3x's a year when the cosmic event takes place.  My phone dies, I loose my contacts, my computer goes on the fritz - people misinterpret emails or anything I say.  It's the worst.

Smudge.  Meditate.  Send your blessings.  If you have a protection ritual for your appliances (car included) get to it.  If you can use body heat telepathy to send someone you had a miscommunication with what you real intention was, wait until the smoke clears February 11th and give it a whirl.

In the mean time, the simplest thing you can do is pay attention.  If you think you heard something wrong, ask for someone to repeat themselves clearly.  Don't sign any big time documents and stall on larger than life projects.  If you must please get clear and make sure your intention is clear.

You are loved, you are blessed and I appreciate you with all of my heart!



  2. Hi Michelle, first I want say had I known before today that your stories were available for our enjoyment, I would have read them long ago. Secondly, I think it's amazing how you have the ability to change a not so pleasant experience of your own into a spiritually helpful one for others or for me anyway.....If that even makes sense. Thank you Michelle.


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