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Detoxing The Karma Train Mentality.

I can't tell you how over I am hearing or witnessing people say:
 "I can't wait till Karma hits so and so right in the A$$" or
 "The Karma train is coming for that B*%&!"

      First, I'm guilty of saying it in the past myself. Seriously, I'll always admit when & where I'm responsible. And frankly, on some levels, I'm secretly hoping it will come someday for people who have screwed me royally.
     But taking a giant step back from the D- Bags in my own life and looking at it on a soulful and metaphysical level, the more we (you and I) wish "karma" on someone, the more karma is going to creep up on us and say "I heard you calling!"

     Rather than wishing someone who has thrown you a curve ball get hit by the karma train put on your morally fit pants and wish them well.  It's basic law of attraction 101 stuff.  If you pray for them, if you extend them a blessing you are only keeping that good energy swirling around you and your loved ones.  But if you are hell bent in resentment and revenge, you are only going to make yourself sick.  Plus, no one, I mean NO ONE likes to hear anyone say the same negative shit over and over and over and over.  Soon enough it becomes less about the person who you want the hell fury and damnation over and it really turns a huge flashlight right back on YOU.
      Conversations with you will be cut short because people will dodge your obvious negative bullets and duck from you on the streets when you are coming their way.  You don't want that - so put all your enemies and your grievances on paper, take stock.  I mean it, really!  Write down all the bullshit.  All of it.  Then burn it.  Let it go.
I'm talking give it up to God or Kali or Krishna and let the Universe bring to you magic and miracles that have nothing to do with anything but awesome.

Karma doesn't discriminate.  So before you say the word (think Beetlejuice) make sure your side of the street is clean.  What's that my grandma always said? He who lives in glass houses shouldn't ever throw stones.  And this really wise guy named Jesus said "Judge not lest ye be judged." - Matthew 7:1-5.

Things you can do to help you detox from the Karma Train:
1. Forgive that person or persons.  It's hard work, but this is where the magic and the miracles lie in wait.
2. Write a letter to the said offender then burn it.
3.  Bless them.  For the love of everyone, including you - just bless them.
4.  Learn from their mistakes and be a better person right where you stand.
5.  Practice random acts of kindness.  Sure you were hurt, but break the cycle by being an angel to someone else.

If you have questions or comments please leave them below. Need to get something off your chest? You can email me who you are pissed at and why and I'll burn it in my coal stove tomorrow under the new moon.  I'm not your FairyGodMother for nothing you know.

Happy New Year my beautiful White Lighters.  I love to love you.


  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear Michelle. I've been doing this a little myself recently. Wishing bad Karma on others that is... after feeling hurt by loved ones. I truly have been enlightened. I all of a sudden felt compelled to visit your website and now I know why. I was struggling emotionally for the past week when today I finally decided it was time I prayed on it, I prayed for help and I received it. Thank you Michelle♡


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