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Friday was so  School was closed due to a malfunction in the heating system.
Sophia and I didn't care as we love to spend time together making music and creating. We had errands to run.  So we quit doing our remixes & headed out to get ingredients for our storm prep.
On our way, Sophia spotted someone who we used to be very close to.  She asked if I wanted to cross the street because her last memory of this person was of them screaming at me, in our home, in front of her.
"No honey." I replied. Enough time's passed maybe a miracle will happen today. We kept walking & talking.  As we approached our ex beloved, the cell phone came out, head went down and miracle went out the window. "Well..."Sophia said.  "He's not paying attention." "That's ashame.  I told her. "The phone is such a terrible distraction.  It'll only really save you if you dial 911 in an emergency.  Some people text while they are driving &…

Detoxing The Karma Train Mentality.

I can't tell you how over I am hearing or witnessing people say:
 "I can't wait till Karma hits so and so right in the A$$" or
 "The Karma train is coming for that B*%&!"

      First, I'm guilty of saying it in the past myself. Seriously, I'll always admit when & where I'm responsible. And frankly, on some levels, I'm secretly hoping it will come someday for people who have screwed me royally.
     But taking a giant step back from the D- Bags in my own life and looking at it on a soulful and metaphysical level, the more we (you and I) wish "karma" on someone, the more karma is going to creep up on us and say "I heard you calling!"

     Rather than wishing someone who has thrown you a curve ball get hit by the karma train put on your morally fit pants and wish them well.  It's basic law of attraction 101 stuff.  If you pray for them, if you extend them a blessing you are only keeping that good energy swirling arou…