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My Year in Thank You's

Countdown to the new new. Forget Xmas, I could do without it. New Year besides Halloween is my favorite. I love it so much because the possibility of colors and adventure on a 365 day clean slate makes me giddy.
It also makes me so very, very, happy to rewind and be super grateful for the details that made this past year nothing less than a transformative, smashing success.

With that said, this will be my last blog of 2014.  My brick and mortar, Venus Rising won't open until the second weekend of January.  Stay tuned for the awesome manifesting workshop coming January 10th with a lovely Metaphysician who will teach us some visual aids for magic.
In the meantime, I'm going on vacay to spend sometime with my best friend from France & her beautiful family.  Enjoying the holidays to the fullest and soaking up every last bit of awesome I can squeeze out of the 'Twenty14' is my highest of priorities right now.  Dig?

So without further anything, here is my list of gratitude.

*I am ever in gratitude for my daughter Sophia, my greatest teacher in all of her beauty, wisdom and contagious laughter.
* For my neighbors, community and town.  I have never felt so at home, so loved, so appreciated here.  Thank you.
* For  my clients.  All of you are superstars in your own right.  I've been blessed to watch you take cosmic tools and make transformative magic in your day to day reality.  I'm honored, humbled & forever grateful to witness the amazing webs you weave!
* The awesome lessons and people I got to work with during the Democratic campaign. Being political is spiritual no matter what side of the campaign line you rest your hat.  I could go on for days, but for the sake of brevity I'll keep the momentum of abundance rolling.
*I celebrate my Goddess', my wolf pack each for their individual hearts, divine creative sparks and for the solid support system that have blanketed both myself and my daughter with.
* I am to thankful and happy for my brick and mortar; it's multipurpose platform and for all of the people who make it whole. In gratitude for the strangers I meet, the smiles and the stories we share.
*I am forever grateful to have married a dozen beautiful, loving couples this year.  Getting to share in their love and their special moment of union sends me to the moon and back.
*I celebrate the internet and the connection it allows me to have with friends of old and new peers across the globe!

I am humbled over the horrid, excruciating  experiences I've endured this year that have taught me the invaluable lessons of:
 connection vs. attachment,
the fear of failure vs. the fear of success,
the true psychological power and Ego message behind "selfies"
The power of saying no vs. the power of not showing up or flaking out
that not every loss is truly "a loss"
and how truly opening your heart to the possibility and vulnerability of love doesn't mean your weak, doesn't make you any less Sex In The City but makes you available to the grace and possibilities of unconditional love.

Now, more than ever you I have known and lived fistfuls of times over, that you do really get what you ask or pray for, that what you do comes back to you three fold.
The energy you exude (be it online or in person) is mirrored back to you.
And that even though it's hard, even though you may cry more tears staying in the light, biting your tongue in silence, holding your fists behind you - choosing peace that this - is truly the most powerful way to stay connected to who you really are and what really matters.

Value what's left of 2014 and think about what's to come.
How will design 2015 and shop up for it?

See you on the flip.
Happy Everything - always.
Mick G

PS. To my sun, the hot hot :) flame that warms my soul.  I love you with all of my heart.
The fact you have embraced not only loving me but ensuring that Sophia also knows that she is loved is what I've asked God for.  You read my blog.
You laugh with me breathlessly, and I am in complete awe of ALL of you.
Thank you for loving me, for loving us.  I am truly, madly, deeply in love with YOU.   XOXO M


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