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My Year in Thank You's

Countdown to the new new. Forget Xmas, I could do without it. New Year besides Halloween is my favorite. I love it so much because the possibility of colors and adventure on a 365 day clean slate makes me giddy.
It also makes me so very, very, happy to rewind and be super grateful for the details that made this past year nothing less than a transformative, smashing success.

With that said, this will be my last blog of 2014.  My brick and mortar, Venus Rising won't open until the second weekend of January.  Stay tuned for the awesome manifesting workshop coming January 10th with a lovely Metaphysician who will teach us some visual aids for magic.
In the meantime, I'm going on vacay to spend sometime with my best friend from France & her beautiful family.  Enjoying the holidays to the fullest and soaking up every last bit of awesome I can squeeze out of the 'Twenty14' is my highest of priorities right now.  Dig?

So without further anything, here is my list of gratit…