Why I Went 'Political' (When I Was Told NOT To.)

I was warned not to get political.
I was told by close friends and family that  was a very bad decision for a single mother and small business owner. I was informed by concerned citizens in the grocery store line that people would avoid me like the plague; that I would loose business, and that all together it was best if I kept my opinions to myself. 

But when I met Patti Borger her authenticity and honesty were permeable. When I took it a step further and learned of her platform I was instantly committed. Once I got to know where she stood on education, our seniors, the local economy and the environment there was no way I was going to sit in the corner and allow anyone with half the chutzpah of this courageous business woman and leader to influence my decision.

Like Patti, I also deeply care about our children, seniors, our environment and the status of our local economy.  It wasn't hard but I did some research on the current person holding the seat
Patti is passionately campaigning for.  All of the answers I needed were in black and white.
After seeing with my own eyes how funding was cut for education and doctors were silenced for speaking out against medical issues their patients were having because of fracking by legislation in favor of the gas industry I was infuriated.

I did not want to leave any of the issues fate up to (that guy) or politicians
who have a reputation for siding with big business and special interests.
So I gladly joined the volunteer brigade unsure of what would happen next.

Enter my marketing resume and cheerleading career. Sprinkle that with a dash of social media wizardy along with my effortless smile as I passed the good word of Patti Borger on to all within earshot.
Campaign momentum picked up as did likes on Facebook.  Patti's opponents interest in her campaign naturally followed as did some pretty old school political bullying tactics.
Stolen photos from Patti Borger's social media pages as well as her website started popping up photo-shopped.
False accusations and rumors started right on time.  I learned about this in my public relations course and fully expected it to happen.  But then TV ads and mailers came out with misleading political information endorsing the incumbents failed policies and statistics.  They also focused on complete character assassination of Patti instead of the issues of my neighbors.

Relief washed over me; I had made the right choice in Patti Borger.

Yesterday - I got to stand in front of local media cameras representing the candidate I have dedicated my time to.  A protest gathered in front of headquarters because Patti would not debate on a media platform with a thick reputation for editing content from parties they did not support.  What sickened me the most was the people who gathered attacked us personally calling us idiots, poking fun at our clothes.  To make matters worse, Patti agreed to answer questions pertaining to campaign issues in a forum setting proposed by The Times News just days earlier.  Heffley agreed ONLY if it were to be filmed.  He canceled hours prior to the event.  But none of this information was circulating the rabid protest crowd as they stood and called us liars.
WATCH an unedited video of this here.

Keeping to the high ground - we offered them coffee and donuts for their time.

Patti Borger's volunteers are some of the most incredibly dedicated people searching not only for truth but justice for the community of 122nd District.  I am so glad that I did not let the fear of those who warned me not to get 'too political' stand in my way.
To be complacent is to be dead in the water.  Not being complacent introduced me to people here sharing the same values for community as I. #Happyplace
This whole journey and experience has proven to me that integrity and honesty are values I will never shy away from no matter what the issue.
It confirmed that when people are desperate and scared they resort to low level tactics like bullying and lies at no cost to make a point or win.  To be very honest; I'm tired of not only politically inclined but all sociopaths raping the public with special interest lobbying. I have enough experience with bullies to know that I can't take another moment on them and I am weary of local news outlets who ask first why you didn't take an add out then berate you with conservatively biased questions as corporal punishment.
Still, truly, after all this, I believe people deserve better.

Finally, it made me realize that leading by example is not complacent it's leaving a great example not only for my daughter, my customers, and my community but also for the people who said, I shouldn't.

If you'd like to know more about Patti Borger before voting tomorrow click here.

Cheers to our nations democracy.

Mick G.


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