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Wherever YOU Go, There YOU Are.

Baggage.  We all have it.  But even worse than baggage is the story we tell ourselves on why we lug it around or need to keep up with it.
If you haven't traveled in an airport lately, let me alert you that all your extra stuff is pretty expensive to haul around.  The size and weight of it actually matters in terms of just how much you will  be shelling out to appropriate your reason for packing so much.

In less literal terms, it's nothing short of amazing how we each come up with a story on the 'why' we need to do or not do something, 'when' we need to finally get off our stalling game and get a particular thing done or 'who' is the 'real' reason as you are blocked or the reason for all the failures in our lives.

But pardon my french, and let's get real; it's all bullshit.  Your baggage, is bull$#@*.
Every reason, every story we tell ourselves keeps us further from the truth, which keeps us surrounded in the illusion of our own ego.

I …

Why I Went 'Political' (When I Was Told NOT To.)

I was warned not to get political. I was told by close friends and family that  was a very bad decision for a single mother and small business owner. I was informed by concerned citizens in the grocery store line that people would avoid me like the plague; that I would loose business, and that all together it was best if I kept my opinions to myself. 
But when I met Patti Borger her authenticity and honesty were permeable. When I took it a step further and learned of her platform I was instantly committed. Once I got to know where she stood on education, our seniors, the local economy and the environment there was no way I was going to sit in the corner and allow anyone with half the chutzpah of this courageous business woman and leader to influence my decision.

Like Patti, I also deeply care about our children, seniors, our environment and the status of our local economy.  It wasn't hard but I did some research on the current person holding the seat
Patti is passionately campaig…