Sunday, September 28, 2014

Let's TalkTalismans.

I love, love, love when people share their important amulets, worry stones or talismans that they carry on their person for some reason or another with me.  I love the stories they tell me. I love when they dig them out of their pockets, socks and yes - even their bras!   It makes me utterly giddy to see that these lockets, gemstones, coins or other such lucky ornaments have been given the task of good fortune or protection.

And that's exactly what a talisman is or believed to be; a magical object -like a charm which is worn to attract good fortune.  In the old days depending on how far you want to go back the amulet of choice was usually inscribed with a 'god's -name' or image of a supernatural power believed to bring luck, power or protection to the person wearing it.  Ie; Abraxas was a gnostic deity whose name in Greek letters had a numerical value of 365 linking the god to days of the year. This specific deity was also tied to The Iranian god of time and an Indian sky god so he became a popular talisman figure inscribed on many coins, rings and such.

Luck is said to be summoned through using or wearing charms and amulets.
Horseshoes and wishbones being popular for such divinations.

In parts of Asia turquoise is prized as a lucky stone that can ward off the evil eye worn in rings, necklaces and bracelets as protection.

A lucky charm can be also an incantation or spell designed to summon the awesome and amazing powers of good fortune itself.

A rabbits foot pre WW2 was believed to bring protection and was advertised as so in newspapers at the time.

Personally, my lucky amulets or talismans are always evolving.

Right now, I wear crystal bullets, a St. Michael the Archangel medallion and yes, I've been known to shove a crystal or two in my bra. But more importantly, it's not about the ole superstition behind a particular shape or charm it's what you value and want to infuse into a piece to make it work for you.
If you have a rosary that your Nona gave you, a military medal or pocket watch that is meaningful to you, you can charge such items with your intention to protect, to bring luck or love into your life.

Care to share your lucky charms?  Leave a picture of them or a comment below in the comments!
I love sharing with you and I love when you share with me!

As always, I'm hear for your paranormal questions, doubts and difficulties.

Much love,
Michelle G

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to Slay The Demons Among Us

As you know, I write from my experiences.  Today I bring to the table something that I've been downloading for quite some time and pray that I am able to communicate it clearly.

If you are spiritual or were raised in a certain faith & believe in God, if you have witnessed miracles  or magical synchronicities within people, dreams, nature or even in a strangers smile than you are aware that yes, there is something, someone, a force so loving that penetrates the universe giving us welcome and access to it's divine mysteries. I have been witness to the transformation of spirit on this realm and in the beyond and I can attest that there is a light and a love that shines and is capable of being the kind of heat seeking missile to lift you out the dark night of your soul, should you ever experience one.

There are layers to this divine mystery.  Networks of Saints, Archangels, Angels, Earth Angels and White lighters (White Witches), Shamans and Healers that radiate the love I'm talking about.  I was certain these were merely Bible stories told to me by my Catholic school teachers until I came face to face with St. Michael The Archangel.
From there, I was convinced angels existed and didn't bother praying or communicating beyond HIM until I was introduced to Archangel Azreal.  If you can recall from previous blog, my mind, of course was blown.  Most recently, I was introduced to Archangel Haniel.  I'm regurgitating this to signify that yes, angels are in fact just one of the layers of light workers wanting to help us, humans - (who were made in our Mother and Father's love) get to our soul's highest potential. They too also operate from a place of that same love.

With that being said there is a flip side to every coin in your purse.  Going back to what I was saying earlier about being told "stories" in Catholic school, well, I was certain that demons were just fiction or monsters in the scary movies my mother raised me on. Until I came face to face with two of them (in 2010 on Race Street, Jim Thorpe). I also witnessed a semi possession as I have previously blogged about. I've done my best to protect myself from these entities since just like the light beings, there are layers and layers of darkness.  They too have their own army of fallen angels, dark witches, dark warlocks, earth demons and lower level entities that since the fall of Lucifer (another story from the bible that appears somewhat legit to me now) seem to be at war not only with the light but with the humans that God created in order to obtain rule.

A light and dark kingdom at odds; as above, so below.
It's no wonder that where the birthplace of it all began heralds a multitude of years in war and bloodshed that to this day is the same battleground echoing the sentiments of light versus dark.

        This man killed his grandchildren this week.

Chaos theory + history + belief systems + fast forward to now.  What's happening in the Middle East may not be mirrored exactly here no our soil, but the demonic forces that seek to end any human life to gain souls for their cause in hell, on earth or otherwise bleeds through our headlines every single day.  Within the past two months, suicide and accounts of physical abuse are an international epidemic. Parents taking the lives of their children or grandchildren, gunman opening fire on schools, police stations and in public are becoming more commonplace. These crimes against humanity have been on the rise in the past decade.   As the demonic holocaust of humanity increases, we the people on ground level need to arm ourselves diligently and purposefully as we continue each of our journey's respectively.

How can you be a member of the White Light Army?

1. Pray/Meditate Every Day.
Staying connected to the big picture and to our higher power is essential in arming ourselves against any low level energies, earth bound demons or demonic angels seeking out vessels to carry out soul destruction.  Getting in conversation with your higher power, investigating Angels - all of them will keep you from any form of depressive, helpless state where demonic energy feeds.

2. You don't need antidepressants.  You need faith and action in faith.
We've been seduced to believe that any and all negative feelings can be handled with prescriptions (level of demonic energy) and that burying our head in our phones or laptops will keep us safe from the workings of the outer world.  But I'm here to tell you that anything, any thought that does not come from a place of love is coming from the other side. New spiritual guru's will have you believe that alternative thoughts are an illusion.  This past monday evening, on my way home from giving service to a dear friend and her associates, I was informed by Angelic sources that if you are going to arm yourself in the spiritual realm, you need to understand that there are multi-dimensions of it.  Positive thoughts are awesome but you can't bring a knife to a gun fight so to speak when you are in the presence of the abyss.  Demon's aren't illusions.  They're slaying us by the thousands.

3. Steer Clear of negative energy.  Including:
People who thrive or conspiracy theories
People who have reputations of violence
If for any reason you must be in the same room with someone of this persuasion and they make threats against you, or anyone around you - alert the proper authorities.

4. Get to know St. Michael The Archangel.
There is so much information and many meditations that will help you uncover a closer relationship to this grand protector.  There are protection prayers you can say before you head off to work or before you close your eyes at night.  Here's a link to a few amazing ones

5. Send everyone a blessing everyday.  Including the coworkers you can't stand, the guy standing next to you at the gas pump, the passer by on the street or the homeless man you almost trip over.  This will energetically bring some form of love and light to the world around you.  If you can't go global - stay local and blossom your wings right where you are planted.

6. Get to know your protection tools:  Some of the most commonly used objects for protection against evil or demonic forces are as follows:
  • Holy water
  • Blessed salts
  • Anointment oils
  • Crosses, crucifixes, or rosaries
  • A pentagram, pointing upward (for Wiccans/NeoPagans)
  • Crystals, talismans or amulets that are blessed with protective intention.
7. If you are experiencing continued darkness, or someone you love seems to have been overcome with a force greater than them, get professional help. It used to be that the catholic church was the only religious staple with experts on exorcism.  Today there is a plethora of White lighters, Shamans and healers at your service (and most of them FREE) to help you get rid of any unwanted demonic poltergeist or plague.

8. Pray for the Forgiveness of their Souls.  For they know not love or what they do.  For they have been blinded by the abyss.  Send them a blessing through your TV screen, their newspaper mugshot or in when the damned or suspects of a gruesome, horrific act against human souls comes up in conversation.

This blog is not to send you on a bug out.  If anything, this is a call to arms so that we can weaken the holy war taking place on earth that is gaining in numbers daily.
Surround yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors with the white light of the Holy Spirit.
Thank your higher power for any and all good in your life and you're already a soldier in the White Light Army.

May the Angels of The Light
protect and guide you always,


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