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Let's TalkTalismans.

I love, love, love when people share their important amulets, worry stones or talismans that they carry on their person for some reason or another with me.  I love the stories they tell me. I love when they dig them out of their pockets, socks and yes - even their bras!   It makes me utterly giddy to see that these lockets, gemstones, coins or other such lucky ornaments have been given the task of good fortune or protection.

And that's exactly what a talisman is or believed to be; a magical object -like a charm which is worn to attract good fortune.  In the old days depending on how far you want to go back the amulet of choice was usually inscribed with a 'god's -name' or image of a supernatural power believed to bring luck, power or protection to the person wearing it.  Ie; Abraxas was a gnostic deity whose name in Greek letters had a numerical value of 365 linking the god to days of the year. This specific deity was also tied to The Iranian god of time and an India…

How to Slay The Demons Among Us

As you know, I write from my experiences.  Today I bring to the table something that I've been downloading for quite some time and pray that I am able to communicate it clearly.

If you are spiritual or were raised in a certain faith & believe in God, if you have witnessed miracles  or magical synchronicities within people, dreams, nature or even in a strangers smile than you are aware that yes, there is something, someone, a force so loving that penetrates the universe giving us welcome and access to it's divine mysteries. I have been witness to the transformation of spirit on this realm and in the beyond and I can attest that there is a light and a love that shines and is capable of being the kind of heat seeking missile to lift you out the dark night of your soul, should you ever experience one.

There are layers to this divine mystery.  Networks of Saints, Archangels, Angels, Earth Angels and White lighters (White Witches), Shamans and Healers that radiate the love I'…