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This Years Wisdom. Thank You.

Hello Beauties.
I'm quickly approaching my thirty ninth year.
As I reflect on the wisdom gained, bruises that have come to pass and the scars I've collected  I want to most of all thank you for your continued support and well wishes. 
My ultimate birthday wish however, is for YOU to gain and radiate all the love, luck and success possible in the world so that you can attract even more of that!  Shine on.

So without further adieu, here's some juicy nugs I put in my back pocket this year:

When in doubt, walk away.
Relationships (romantic, family, friends) are an enormous part of our souls work.  But always questioning another persons intentions, dodging their manipulations or being flaked out on more than a handful of times is a no brainer for me now to just walk away. I've had enough chaos and bull$hit in my super colorful life to know that some people just don't give a damn about you and others, well, you can't do anything to fix how they perceive you. 98% of the time, it's their own issues they need to work through. On the flip side, there are some people that you can't give enough too because they are always coming back for generous helpings of thirds even when they've tapped you out.  There is no fight left in my body, not one ounce of interest in drama in the form of a text message or otherwise and if you ever raise your voice in my presence there's a good chance you're going to have to face a generous amount of silence.  A psychotherapist once told me that when you remain silent (passive aggressive) you leave others to 'make up stories' and you're not owning your $hit.  Well, people say & think what they want even if your final words were "I'm sorry." and you've taken the time and the care to gently extend the proverbial olive branch.  So lovingly, which is my ministry and in my experience - in my 'passive aggressive' defenselessness my true safety and peace of mind lies.   

Do not buy clothes from China. The end.

Comedy is still the best medicine. Youtube has delivered some of the best laughs I've shared with friends this year.  This woman is still my favorite.  Enjoy. 

The Universe gives you what you need right on time. Your life is what you make it.  You can attract any and everything you want.  The moment you throw your hands up in the air however or start to doubt, you dull the sparkle in your wish.  The Law of Attraction works.  But not according to our own (strangeling, filled with expectations) time line.  In fact the more we want or ask why, the further our desire stays away from us.  Learning how to surrender is a key to this process and I finally got that this year.  #ThankYou.

Glitter isn't Magic & Balloons are destroying the Earth.  Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.  It's also made me come to understand that you can put it on anything to make it shine or give it some wow but at the end of the day it's not magical.  It won't fix you on the inside even if your intentions were, cute. 
Balloons on the other hand are down right evil,  temporary plastic illusions that take up space in our landfill because they don't biodegrade. They kill our marine and bird life. I will not buy balloons unless I'm being forced to at gunpoint.

You are not your Facebook status, or your favorite character the TV series your binge watching or the meme on your trendy T-shirt.  

Food cures and kills.  You should really get to know what it is your are putting in your body and why. Where it comes from and how it came to be.

Tourists are a rainbow of flavors: I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of meeting dozens of people a day rolling right up into my home, praising the shop, it's contents and mission statement. But every once in a while like in the past 48 hour for example, people will add the element of unconsciousness and rude to the mix by farting all over my store or throwing fun snaps on my floor.  (Yes, this happened while I'm typing this blog).  I just have to chalk it up to the nature of the beast I suppose and send them a blessing.

I'm a sister who doesn't call the cops.
Saying NO to other's doesn't mean I'm selfish.  It means I just can't give them what they are looking for.
I still LOVE, LOVE.
I am still very deeply, madly in love and I met him this year!
I love lifting others up.  Giving people the opportunity to showcase their work or talents makes my heart sing.  I believe in community and sharing the spotlight.  But this year I've experienced that not everyone fits the bill though or has the best intentions to back it up and I have had to learn to lovingly say no. But more than often I am thrilled to help new artists, photographers and intuitive mediums break out and share their light with others.

Be careful what you wish for.  I mean be really, really clear on what it is you want and weigh all the options of the outcome.  Some magic bites you in your ass.  Or punches you in the face.  #Truth

The moon, planets and stars really do affect us.  If you don't believe in that stuff, I think you're truly misinformed.

Everyone at the beginning and the end of the day just wants to be loved. Trust me on this. 

I quit smoking and breathing is easy!  It was super tough but I haven't bought a pack of Djarum since December. Now if I could just give up the coffee.....

Music is medicine too.  
The grass isn't always greener. Sometimes it's dry and brown with snakes crawling though it. 
Money won't buy you happiness but it will pay your bills.
Jealousy, revenge and anger are colors that should never be in season no matter what mean girl trend is trending.

My short term memory is failing.  I've been do the doctor. Maybe it's my old age or my 'momnesia' but it's a thing. A real thing.  If anyone has any tips to improve this other than fish oil, please - I'm all ears. My health has been a rollercoaster ride of pain and recovery for the past two years. Right after I turned 38, going under the knife was a real thing.  Do not take your health for granted.  Most often we forget we can see until we burn our eyes with shampoo - MG.

Black is still my favorite color. But I'm branching out to grey and some purple....
97% of Redheads, clowns and midgets are soul less. 
And tights still aren't pants

That's my wisdom from this past year. Take what you need and leave the rest.
My love to you and thanks again for the well wishes!  
Mick G


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