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Semi Exorcism, Final Chapter.

Once we were safe outside, I ordered a time out for my team.  Allison and I took a walk. She confessed to feeling not herself.  I asked her to drink holy water. We prayed.
We concurred that the situation may be bigger than us.  We agreed that we would call 911 if we or any other member of the house or otherwise was threatened again.

I relayed this message to Brian’s mother and girlfriend.  Hector, the mother’s boyfriend showed up.  He went upstairs to talk to Brian.  Moments later he came down and said that Brian was willing to speak with me.

When I entered the room, I found the emaciated, pale young man vomiting into a bucket.  He cried. “I don’t know how I get like this.  I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

I conversed with him for some time about how he can protect himself from outside forces.  I also told him it was a dire situation and that getting his depression or any addiction issues under control were mandatory.  He agreed.  He also agreed to leave the house peacefully with the others so that we could finish our cleansing.

Across the street was another farm house among miles of fields.  Our clients went there and sat on the porch to wait until we were finished with our business.  Up until this very moment, the sky was a perfect shade of blue.  Now, thick gray clouds didn’t just roll in they seemed to pour in from every direction.  The sun vanished.

Danny, Todd, Allison and I heard loud banging from inside the home.  I heard Buck yelling for us to leave.  The woman begged for help.  The children were screaming.  Slamming of doors was felt all throughout the dwelling as we positioned ourselves in a circle in the living room.  Joining hands, closing our eyes. We got to work.  What happened next was an unbelievable series of events I only wish I could recreate visually for you.

The children ran around our circle.  Buck stood behind me, on my left and screamed that he didn’t want to go. (That’s the rated PG version). The woman of the house kissed Todd on the cheek thanking him for helping her and he felt it!  Allison saw the children.  Danny’s deceased brother joined us for added back up and both Danny and I witnessed this.  As Buck grew increasingly angry St. Michael appeared from the kitchen window wrapped his arm around bucks neck and they both vanished through the window from which Michael came.  Instantly the sun, as if to confirm the miracle before our eyes, broke through the stormy sky that erupted moments before.  The house felt lighter and we could all breathe a little bit easier. 

The four of us walked outside to see the family of the house jumping up and down from the porch of the farmhouse across the highway as if they had just heard the news they won the lottery.  They ran to us tears in eyes saying that they could feel – “whatever - we did worked!”

I left behind one of my most treasured crystals that day purposefully.  I had hoped that it would continue the clearing long after we were gone.  The four of us were more than rattled to say the least.  I demanded that we pull over for dinner as to get any of the energy we lost back before making the long trek home.
I introduced the team to pickle backs as I did the waitress of the establishment we found ourselves dining in.  I don’t condone drinking and driving or drinking heavily at all anymore for that matter but that day we went to hell and back and sometimes you just have to wash it down with the hair of the dog.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Danny, Allison and Todd not only for being so brave that day but in our workings since. It’s been quite a while since this life changing experience.  Danny suggested that we actually died that day and this was the aftermath we were all stuck in.  I never laughed so hard in my life.


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