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Me & The Angel of Death

It's our eyes; when they fail us, only then do we believe that we can actually see. 
- Michelle Gallagher

This past Thursday was a normal day like any other. During morning meditation, I did my usual routine; surrounding the house with Angels at every door and window before my appointments. Being fully present and in the light to those coming forward (to the smell of lemongrass incense and a few crystals) is important and my most favorite time of day!

During a session an Archangel appeared, Azrael.
As fast as I witnessed this gorgeousness and heard the name, Azrael was gone. The brief impression was as shocking.
I wrapped up the appointment promising my client that I would look into the visitation further to see if there were any messages regarding her loved one.

The information was astounding.

Azrael, The Angel of Death.
 - Works with Michael the Archangel.
 - Hunts souls who get lost between planes.
 - Has been known to be mistaken with fallen angels since he goes into hell to save souls that could turn selfless.
 - Works with mediums to deliver messages from those who are not of earth.
 - Azrael is believed to have helped the souls of the victims of 911 depart their
human bodies before they were met with horrific, unnatural death.

Sharing my visitation with those in my close circle turned
 up some interesting feedback also.
I learned so much about me (and them) in the process. Honestly feels like I have been on a spiritual work out the last few days.  I'm delirious and exhausted. Learning of Azrael's mere existence makes me feel as if I just went up a level in Donkey Kong.
I'm honored to do this work.

Flashback: Two summers ago, I witness The Grim Reaper for the first time.
The reaper appeared to me exactly as popularly described, hooded cloak and overwhelming. Coming off a hike at the Glenn, was my initial encounter. I was afraid -wanting to safely get to my car.  The more I thought about what I witnessed when I drove away, fear set in.  It's two years later.  The reaper wasn't there for me, obviously but the place itself has become some kind of portal.

I wasn't, am not afraid of Azrael. Even though someone close suggested he may be a trickster with ill intent.

Truth - I had no idea this was a an 'Archangel' who worked with Michael.  In Michael my safety lies.  Seeing his name inked along side of Azrael added a level of comfort that was instantaneous: no fear.
     - You have the vision now to look past all illusions.  It has been given you to see no thorns, no strangers and no obstacles to peace.  The fear of God is nothing to you now. #ACIM

Azrael puts a puzzle piece in front of me.  The client who I was in session with, her loved one is believed to have suffered an unnatural death.   The subject of the recent plane crashes and children dying was also brought up.  Perhaps Azrael was alluding to those things instead?  Or as well?

"How do you do what you do on a daily basis without falling apart?" A woman asked me last week.  "You have to deal with everyone's grief and sadness and stuff."
My lip automatically quivered.  I was overwhelmed she asked something so basic, so human.
"I can't think about it."  My voice shook out the response.  "But laughter is important to me." #Truth

Fast forward to my morning meditation today:
  -  Does one ask judgement of what is totally bereft of judgement?  And if you have, would you believe the answer, and adjust to it as if it were the truth?  The world you look on is the answer that it gave you, and you have given it power to adjust the world to make its answer true.  You asked this puff of madness for the meaning of your unholy relationship, and adjusted it according to its insane answer.  - #ACIM

Where would you go, what would you do if the Angel of Death visited you?
I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below or in a private message.

Be well seeker.




  1. I would greet the Angel of Death with open arms for I have been visited by "him" many times but has yet to take me. I would tell him "I'm not afraid and I'll go peacefully if it truly is my time".


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