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August's Full, Bigger Than A- SuperMoon Moon

Tonight the the moon is actually bigger than a SuperMoon. The moon is in apogee meaning it's traveling closest to the earth. You can read more about how to use it's powerful light and closeness to heal and rebirth here. 

Also, I noted in an earlier blog that SuperMoon's bring up well, demons of the metaphorical and figurative kind.
Refer back HOW TO DEAL with all of that in my previous SuperMoon blog.  This is the second of three SuperMoons in 2014. The first being July 13th.  The next SuperMoon is September 9th.

Oh The moon and it's luminous love or lack there of. It pours down on us like a celestial flashlight regardless of where we are in our learning cycles.  Here's some more words shared by my friend Nevill Drury about our favorite orbiting planet.


       Traditionally associated with magic, fertility and natures secret power. As a reflector of light, the moon has been regarded as a "funnel" drawing on the light of the stars and constellations and transmitting their energies to the Earth.
      The earliest calendars measured the passage of time by the "moons'.

      The moon's phases are referred to Lunar cycle. Check them out here.
      The worship of lunar goddesses is a central feature of witchcraft.

     In astrology, perhaps the most important celestial body after the sun since it moves through all sings of the zodiac and has a profound influence on one's horoscope.  The moon is regarded by astrologers as a strong influence on one's emotions and moods and people with the moons strongly aspected in their natal chart are regarded as sensitive and intuitive.  This interpretation of the moon's influence derives from the fact that the moon enters a new sign of the zodiac approximately every two and a half days where as the sun changes signs twelve times every year.

       In the Tarot, the Moon symbolizes the processes of biological and spiritual evolution.

     The Moon is regarded as feminine and the sun, masculine.
      It has been documented that it's phases rule the ocean tides.

I'd love to share any pictures you take or have taken of this apogee moon. Got any paranormal stories to go along with them?  I'm game.  Share them in the comments below or send me a private message. As always, thanks for reading.  Have a super luminous evening.




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