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This Years Wisdom. Thank You.

Hello Beauties. I'm quickly approaching my thirty ninth year.
As I reflect on the wisdom gained, bruises that have come to pass and the scars I've collected  I want to most of all thank you for your continued support and well wishes.  My ultimate birthday wish however, is for YOU to gain and radiate all the love, luck and success possible in the world so that you can attract even more of that!  Shine on.
So without further adieu, here's some juicy nugs I put in my back pocket this year:
When in doubt, walk away. Relationships (romantic, family, friends) are an enormous part of our souls work.  But always questioning another persons intentions, dodging their manipulations or being flaked out on more than a handful of times is a no brainer for me now to just walk away. I've had enough chaos and bull$hit in my super colorful life to know that some people just don't give a damn about you and others, well, you can't do anything to fix how they perceive you. 98% of th…

Semi Exorcism, Final Chapter.

Once we were safe outside, I ordered a time out for my team.Allison and I took a walk. She confessed to feeling not herself.I asked her to drink holy water. We prayed. We concurred that the situation may be bigger than us.We agreed that we would call 911 if we or any other member of the house or otherwise was threatened again.
I relayed this message to Brian’s mother and girlfriend.Hector, the mother’s boyfriend showed up.He went upstairs to talk to Brian.Moments later he came down and said that Brian was willing to speak with me.
When I entered the room, I found the emaciated, pale young man vomiting into a bucket.He cried. “I don’t know how I get like this.I don’t want to be like this anymore.”
I conversed with him for some time about how he can protect himself from outside forces.I also told him it was a dire situation and that getting his depression or any addiction issues under control were mandatory.He agreed.He also agreed to leave the house peacefully with the others so that …

August's Full, Bigger Than A- SuperMoon Moon

Tonight the the moon is actually bigger than a SuperMoon. The moon is in apogee meaning it's traveling closest to the earth. You can read more about how to use it's powerful light and closeness to heal and rebirth here. 

Also, I noted in an earlier blog that SuperMoon's bring up well, demons of the metaphorical and figurative kind.
Refer back HOW TO DEAL with all of that in my previous SuperMoon blog.  This is the second of three SuperMoons in 2014. The first being July 13th.  The next SuperMoon is September 9th.

Oh The moon and it's luminous love or lack there of. It pours down on us like a celestial flashlight regardless of where we are in our learning cycles.  Here's some more words shared by my friend Nevill Drury about our favorite orbiting planet.

   MOON        Traditionally associated with magic, fertility and natures secret power. As a reflector of light, the moon has been regarded as a "funnel" drawing on the light of the stars and constellation…

Me & The Angel of Death

It's our eyes; when they fail us, only then do we believe that we can actually see. 
- Michelle Gallagher

This past Thursday was a normal day like any other. During morning meditation, I did my usual routine; surrounding the house with Angels at every door and window before my appointments. Being fully present and in the light to those coming forward (to the smell of lemongrass incense and a few crystals) is important and my most favorite time of day!

During a session an Archangel appeared, Azrael.
As fast as I witnessed this gorgeousness and heard the name, Azrael was gone. The brief impression was as shocking.
I wrapped up the appointment promising my client that I would look into the visitation further to see if there were any messages regarding her loved one.

The information was astounding.

Azrael, The Angel of Death.
 - Works with Michael the Archangel.
 - Hunts souls who get lost between planes.
 - Has been known to be mistaken with fallen …