Are Fairies Real?

Lately, I find myself saying, “I’ve seen everything but a Unicorn” more and more. 

It’s been a year since my own personal encounter (and the guest in my house at the time) had experienced Fairies.

In my living room on a humid July night at one in the morning I lay awake wondering when aforementioned guest in my house was going to leave. His energy wasn’t the nicest.  As thoughts rolled through my head like a freight train, I noticed a golden and orange hued orb come down off the hillside and travel right through the top corner of my living room window.  The orb ducked in and out of the ceiling fan almost playfully. Instantly, I knew it wasn’t a ghost but spirit of a different sort, a fairy.
When it approached my paralyzed body I was comfortable. Observing it’s tiny body and dragonfly type wings, I thought maybe it just wanted to allow me to know of its presence but I don’t want to assume. Perhaps it was just snooping on us, the new neighbors.

The next morning, my house guest groggily confessed he couldn’t sleep because he was ‘visited’ by a tiny, red eyed, winged creature who looked much like a gargoyle come to life.  He felt as if he was being spied on or that any moment he could have been under physical attack.  He drug me to the third floor to show me which roof top of my neighbors the intruder came from, which window it magically entered through (even though this window was also closed) and where it sat and watched him as he held the sheet on his cot up to his eyes.

Now up until this point I pretty much was under the impression that Tinkerbell, who my daughter was just warming up to was a fictional character. Then I remembered something a writing mentor once told me: you write what you know as a  book that I had encountered on the west coast: Be A Goddess flashed before my third eye and suddenly it made sense.  I recalled that Francesca De Grandis taught a Neo Pagan path specifically derived from Fairies.

A few days later a client came forward wanting help with tons of activity in her home. She showed me photos of  ‘orbs’ many of different color and size.  They weren’t ghosts I explained.
They were fairies.

As with most paranormal experiences that knock in my door step, I had to absorb as much information as possible about such phenomenon and call on my professional resources stat. Good thing, because rapidly handfuls of people were stepping forward with sightings and experiences.  

So if you were wondering, yes they are real. 
Yes Fairies to this very day, live among us and we can communicate and live harmoniously with them.
This is why I say, “I’ve seen everything but a Unicorn!”

Why are they showing themselves or coming forward now?  In my humble opinion its because we are two years deep into the Aquarian age now and as the veil continues to thin those that which are fluid to move between planes are becoming more present to all vibrations. In addition, our (human) consciousness is expanding.  A vast number of people are becoming very aware of the existence of the veil and that which lies beyond it. 

Fast Fairy Fun Facts. (Say that three times fast!)
Fae Folk inhabit hillsides or slopes.  So if you live at the foot of a mountain and you’re keys going missing more than often your house may not be haunted, you may just have
Fae neighbors.

In Ireland they are traditionally known as Sidhe, are aristocratic & hail from the Land of the Ever Young.

In Galway Fin Bheara and Nuala were king and queen of Connact fairies.

Some Neo Pagan practitioners claim to practice ritual and magic as taught by fairies in Ireland and Whales.

Shakespeare records fairy rulers in his A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Fairies are often mistaken as Elementals or Devas.

Fairies are regarded as spirits of streams, rivers, lakes and woods.

A movement of Radical Fairies began around 1978 in Arizona.

Fairies are hard to miss on Halloween or on All summer’s eve and were often mistaken as Demons because of this.

A Peri is the Persian/Arabic version of fairy in pre-Islamic ages. They were thought of as fallen angels or female spirit guides.

In early middle ages the Goddess Venus was the reigning Fairy Queen of the holy mountains called Venusburgs where some of her many ancient shrines were located then destroyed by Christians.

Foxglove is a plant that the little folk, another name for fairy are connected with.  Rosemary is also sacred to fairies.

If you are sensing a presence within your property or home, your keys or jewelry are missing or turning up in weird spots you may want to leave a small bowl of milk or honey on your deck, porch or property line as a peace offering. Just as you would address any other energy (spirit, angelic etc) you can state your intention with fairies and they will (fingers crossed) respect your wishes.  You know like “Here’s some honey. I look forward to living in harmony and would love it if you kept my jewelry where it belongs!”
Adorning your property with small homes or mobiles for them to play also encourages a peaceful, playful existence.

Lately, when BMPS gets calls of homes being haunted it’s just a case of mistaken identity.  The home/property is inhabited by a handful of fairies and addressing them appropriately has been required.  I think it’s imperative that we learn to coexist peacefully. 

Should you have any questions about activity within your own or your loved one’s home or if you would like to share photos or similar experiences please do so in the comments below or email me at

As always, be the best you YOU can be question everything!

Mick G

Sources/Additional Reading
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*Be A Goddess, Francesca De Grandis
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*A Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, Barbara Walker. 


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