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The Dark Side Of The (New) Moon.

I'm so excited to respond to several emails and go on an investigation
to explore why recently there has been a consciousness in light of the new moon.  It seems to have a hideous, dark energy to it.  Relationship spats are being highlighted, paranormal activity seems trickster and there is a heavy emotional wave of collective depression.
And maybe it's not just the past five months.  Maybe it's been always but let me share some things I've unconvered through medical personnel I'm fortunate enough to be peers with.  There's also been a significant trend through some reading I've done.

According to my friend with the hospital cred, the new moon has a gravitational pull stronger than the full moon.  Gravity when at a very strong peak effects the fluid on our spinal chord. And you know, we are made up of over 90% of this amazing fluid called water. The moon has been said to rule the tides in the ocean and tides within us abide.   The new moon is half lit, exp…

Are Fairies Real?

Lately, I find myself saying, “I’ve seen everything but a Unicorn” more and more.
It’s been a year since my own personal encounter (and the guest in my house at the time) had experienced Fairies.
In my living room on a humid July night at one in the morning I lay awake wondering when aforementioned guest in my house was going to leave. His energy wasn’t the nicest.As thoughts rolled through my head like a freight train, I noticed a golden and orange hued orb come down off the hillside and travel right through the top corner of my living room window.The orb ducked in and out of the ceiling fan almost playfully. Instantly, I knew it wasn’t a ghost but spirit of a different sort, a fairy. When it approached my paralyzed body I was comfortable. Observing it’s tiny body and dragonfly type wings, I thought maybe it just wanted to allow me to know of its presence but I don’t want to assume. Perhaps it was just snooping on us, the new neighbors.
The next morning, my house guest groggily co…

The Supermoon's demon's. How to deal.

Holy wow!  The full moon Capricorn is giving us a lot to digest: anxiety, super crankiness, projection, conflict and yeah, the dark stuff that the horror stories scare us with.  I'm currently studying the History of Experimental Science as published by Columbia University (1938).  But before these books magically appeared in my life I've always known as it is above, so it is below.

Astrology has a lot to offer in terms of how to navigate the stars and planetary shifts.  If you'd like a full month's forecast for free,SUSAN MILLER offers an intense breakdown at the beginning of every month that will knock your socks off.  I say this as a fifteen year, very committed fan.  And I still don't know how she does it!  In addition to my fascination for this woman's spot on planetary predictions, for the past four years I've also been a devotee of Virgo Magic, a wonderful astro blog by Emily Trinkaus that politely details how to cope with the psycho spiritual and e…