Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence
choking up landfills and robbing our wallets
but keeping jobs as jobs nonetheless
the agony and irony of industry
of economy
of capitalism
demand, growth, demand, growth, demand, money
overpopulation populating everything

if only farming were a big time dream
a less corporate enemy and jobs in the field were desired
people fantasizing about busting out of their grey nine to five cubicles plucking and pulling under a harvest moon swaying to whatever audible pleasure their ipods designed to fail after a certain time period provides

cars, phones, green, eco bio-buy-oh! Bullshit.
doing what you love and doing it right

lasting competence

would we? can we?
money, money, money

money's just energy they say
but it makes the world go round
drives men mad
same as love
same as sex

where's the pill that fixes any of this? all of this? magic mushroom
nuclear cloud
will we ever get out
from under
the idea
that more
is better
is better
is best

less is not simple
it's the solution.

Dear God,
Fix it.



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