Everything But The Bride.

At 2:30pm yesterday on a fine, sunny solstice day in Jim Thorpe, I stood clip board in hand cuing the gorgeously dressed bridal party to process as the horn's lifted and blew.  My role: stand in for the wedding planner.
Just hours before, I ran around with thumbtacks  beside the mother of the bride transforming The Mauch Chunk Opera house into the image she and her daughter envisioned for the wedding ceremony.  It was near flawless. As I stood in the sound booth admiring the lights and the enormous crowd that gathered for the sacred event and it dawned on me; I've literally been everything but the bride.
A little over two years ago, I wrote a pretty popular blog post 'I'm getting Married'.
I sincerely wanted to manifest the perfect partner. Since then as a Universal Minister I've joined over a dozen couples in holy matrimony.  My favorite!
I've also linked up with a dear friend, Tara Banniger of Jim Thorpe Weddings and Events who has put me to use as a bartender, Minister or support staff for the delicately and beautifully planned ceremonies she executes. Participating on the sidelines watching couple after couple 'couple up' the how, the when, and the why chokes me up every time. And all of the events are just exquisite.

But once that revelation entered my mind, on that perfect Saturday solstice in that sound booth, it was hard to leave me as one ceremony ended and I changed my clothes to head to another.

Over the years, I've participated in dozens of weddings as the soloist, burning bridesmaid (two long stories),maid of honor, caterer, wait staff, florist, solo attendee, bartender, Minister.

I must admit, I was never the little girl who dreamt of her wedding. Not the dress, not the 'prince charming' not the venue. Nope.  Not that girl.  I had a hard enough time being normal. But I supposed it pulls at my heart strings approaching 39 and never have been married.

Yes, I know. I heard you when you said it's not all that it's cracked up to be. I observed your eye roll.
I also know that half the people my age who got married almost ten years ago are divorced.
I get it. I do. But second and third hand I've seen why a great deal of relationships work and why most don't. I've chosen to surround myself with people (couples) who regard being in a relationship a gift and nothing less, who know that love is real and sacred and doesn't have to be a battle of the sexes or ego or opposing planets.

In the past five years I've seen sand between my toes and a location.
I have an idea for a dress and I'm guessing that this is what I missed in the dreaming process when I was younger.
Late bloomer.

One day.  Mom says.
One day.  I agree.
It's obviously not a life threatening desire but one that burns nonetheless.
I don't know that I need a certificate to say that I am legally attached to anyone but I do highly value the love, it's work - the best-friendship, possibility and great adventure that comes with the territory.  At least in my mind.

Until then, if ever...

Everything But the Bride.  MG


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