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Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence
choking up landfills and robbing our wallets
but keeping jobs as jobs nonetheless
the agony and irony of industry
of economy
of capitalism
demand, growth, demand, growth, demand, money
overpopulation populating everything

if only farming were a big time dream
a less corporate enemy and jobs in the field were desired
people fantasizing about busting out of their grey nine to five cubicles plucking and pulling under a harvest moon swaying to whatever audible pleasure their ipods designed to fail after a certain time period provides

cars, phones, green, eco bio-buy-oh! Bullshit.
doing what you love and doing it right

lasting competence

would we? can we?
money, money, money

money's just energy they say
but it makes the world go round
drives men mad
same as love
same as sex

where's the pill that fixes any of this? all of this? magic mushroom
nuclear cloud
will we ever get out
from under
the idea
that more
is better

Everything But The Bride.

At 2:30pm yesterday on a fine, sunny solstice day in Jim Thorpe, I stood clip board in hand cuing the gorgeously dressed bridal party to process as the horn's lifted and blew.  My role: stand in for the wedding planner.
Just hours before, I ran around with thumbtacks  beside the mother of the bride transforming The Mauch Chunk Opera house into the image she and her daughter envisioned for the wedding ceremony.  It was near flawless. As I stood in the sound booth admiring the lights and the enormous crowd that gathered for the sacred event and it dawned on me; I've literally been everything but the bride.
A little over two years ago, I wrote a pretty popular blog post 'I'm getting Married'.
I sincerely wanted to manifest the perfect partner. Since then as a Universal Minister I've joined over a dozen couples in holy matrimony.  My favorite!
I've also linked up with a dear friend, Tara Banniger of Jim Thorpe Weddings and Events who has put me to use as a ba…

The Dark Graces

Have you ever said that you were going to quit something like cigarettes, drinking,
overeating or coffee and you meant it you really did but you were slow to start?
In fact you may have been so slow to start on this
particular resolve that you actually went a bit backwards or back on your word.   I'm talking about declaring you were going to quit this thing, this bad habit and instead you reversed further into the mire of your vice or addiction  so that you could, you know, enjoy the final days of your (insert serious obsession here)?  
You're going to leave the days of excess (blank) for good because this, by far is 'the end'!
Or maybe you really kinda wanted to unconsciously over do it with said vice so that you would perhaps end up deeply resenting the specific crutch or tool you were using. I've come to know this or refer to this type of activity as the dark graces; sinking deeply into an addictive behavior after declaring you are ready to leave it behind.