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I'm F*n Scared Out Of My Mind

I'm scared. I'm terrified.   I'm busting out of my writers block  with a mega truth bomb: I'm afraid of success.
Gulp. Deep breath.  Yep.  I said it. Now, I know what you are thinking; NO WAY!   But it's a reality of mine that I've been pacing back and forth over getting blisters on my feet.  I've hidden tucked away the past month under this new blanket of soul-knowing hoping  this revelation is a bad dream.   It's not.   I'm terrified to succeed.
Last night, I was on a call with Bob Schaeffer, the fearless leader of the  Blue Mountain Paranormal Team discussing an upcoming public investigation to which I was eager to offer my time at.  Bob politely reminded me how he's witnessed me evolve from the beginning of our relationship, a time when I did not want anyone to know that I saw dead people.   I was terrified then too but more embarrassed than afraid.   I was just learning how to really deal with being an adult, living a semi normal existence w…