What Will Your Legacy Be?

I never had a five year plan.
I wasn't much for future thinking.  Surviving was basically my thing.
You know, just day to day how am I going to get through this type thoughts....every day for the past however many years I've been breathing.  Life has had me flying by the seat of my pants.  No joke.
And in some instances I've had to. I didn't plan for any of this because God, The Universe or The All had a bigger role for me to play than sitting behind a desk at a radio station.

But as days go by now, as a single mom, I find myself thinking about what my daughter will remember me the most by.  I'm sure that she'll giggle about my failed attempts at chocolate chip Yoda pancakes.  Hopefully she'll recall the days at the lake with her friends being carefree or dancing in the middle of Broadway with me during the St. Patrick's Day parade.

But when she is old enough to understand what will she remember me for?  What will she know?
What will the community say if I should be so lucky to have a well attended funeral?

Why are you talking like that? This is so negative! Don't be so morbid!
First of all, it's hard not to be when you are in business with death.
I am reminded of our mortality every day.
But back to the burning question at hand and in all seriousness though.  If you have a five year plan in place..what is it?
Does it involve trips to disney or Ireland or driving across country or volunteering at a homeless shelter?  It should!  But those are awesome things for your bucket list.
I want to get deeper with you now.  Feel me?  Ready?
What will it be that that you will leave as your legacy?

Some people associate legacy with real estate or money.  I am talking the kind of things people know you for and not the stuff you post on facebook either.
 Were you kind? Were you honest? Were you faithful?
Were you good to your kids?  Were you an amazing soul?

Will people talk about how much of an asset you were to their choir or community?  Did you spend your time lifting up those around you or tearing them down?
What will your soul's legacy be?

I know, it's not tomorrows fashion but these are the things that I am facing on a daily basis along with the fact that I gave into my zombie thinking friends got me hooked on The Walking Dead ......
(breahing into a paper bag with one hand).....
If there is anything that you need from these words - please take it.
Please also feel free to pass it on.

My love to you always,


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