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To Believe is to RECEIVE.

Hi there beautiful.It's been a while since you've seen a fresh new blog. So I thought I'd come back to you capturing the spirit of the goings on with myself and a handful of my clients this week: receiving. 

Now, we are all so busy with our output; tweeting, updating the facebook status, posting selfies, reacting to emails, texts, calls in addition to the constant going, going, going of our daily lives.  We are continuously thinking of the next best thing to say barely listening or receiving the gift or lesson from others. We're groomed to instantly react rather than mindfully respond in conversation or thought.
    Always over processing everything creates monkey mind.  It keeps the chatter in our heads thick making us unconscious, disconnecting us not only from each other but from source as well. 
     We say we pray and boy do we ever!  We beg for what we need and sometimes we'll throw in the needs of others, hoping the miracle be bestowed upon us. 
     And when it happens, that message we were hoping for ...that knowing we wanted to feel well, handfuls of us are missing the sign or signals because we do not know how, we have forgotten that receiving is a part of believing.

     Not being able to receive is also a sort of bi product of  Western culture. We are taught from a young age to be strong and super independent. And sure we get giving. That's easy.  But we the people overvalue autonomy. The capacity to act independently shuts us off from being part of family, faith and or our community.  
     Few of us pay attention to the virtues of interdependence and the capacity to be vulnerable.  Therefore, our reluctance to freely receive affects our relationships with others.  When we deny genuine help or an offering from others, it prevents their divine light shine from shining into the world. You wouldn't want to dull someone else's sparkle would you? 

Getting better at receiving, then, is an important intention of spiritual practice. 
Here are a few ways I myself have incorporated receiving and encourage others who I have the privilege to serve to do the same:
    LISTEN.  It's the hardest yet easiest place to start.  Instead of reacting to someones communication or lack there of; smile, take a deep breath, count to three and then respond with great care.  
     Make a practice of consciously acknowledging your vulnerability and dependence upon others. For example, think about all the service providers who make it possible for us to ride in elevators, text, read a book at night in a lighted room, and have our heat on and working. Often, we take this kind support for granted.  Adding a tiny blessing upon the 'behind the scene workers' will not only ignite your gratitude list but it will set our attractor factor on fire.
     When you say grace before a meal, include a blessing for all those who contributed to getting whatever is on your plate or in your cup in front of you. I'm talking the farmers, truck hands & farmers market workers or store clerks that brought the food to your table! Yes, even the people who stomped on the grapes of the wine in your glass. If you don't say a prayer before you eat, perhaps setting time aside for that would be a great start for you.  Adding a silent blessing to these people not only ignites your gratitude list but it fires up your attractor factor too.
     Accept that you are Accepted.  You ARE loved. Maybe you don't feel that way because you're a bit out of sorts in this weather or you're having a bad day ...regardless, you are loved. Somewhere, someone somehow loves you. Own it.
       Acknowledge the free gifts you have received at the end of each day like; the sun illuminating your face or the phone call you picked up from a friend that you haven't heard from in years. Then thank God for these things, for divine connection and never ending abundance.  
      Take compliments & encouragement gracefully. Resist the defensive downplay or automatic need to minimize positive things people say about or to you with phrases like "Oh, it was nothing." Think about what it says to others and to God if you are always insisting that you are unworthy of their love.  

You may not fully realize this but when you deny others their ability to lift you up, it denies them the opportunity to shine forth their divine light.  When you pray but you refuse to listen, you miss the message the universe has in "conversation" for you. When you give but not get you cease the natural order of the law of attraction.

Let the love and the light from within everyone and the universe be flowing and free.  


AFFIRMATION:  I am affluent in the art of receiving and remain joyously connected to source.

Please note, a heavy side effect of being able to effectively RECEIVE is Grace. 

Carry on....



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