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Facebook IS Making YOU Sad.

I've just returned from vacation.
A Facebook Vacation to be exact. I took almost a month off from the social media network despite my business minded peers. On the verge of rebranding my storefront and the recent launch of my ebook, I was warned of how unwise this was. But I do this thing where I march to the beat of my own drum so I removed the app from my smartphone & only responded to questions for appointments/business. But if you were on break Why did you do that? Because even though I updated my cover photo for people to email me at my personal email, my facebook inbox kept receiving notes like Dear Michelle, I know your not on facebook but......

Now, while I was gone on my semi digital detox I would run into people on the street who would say
"You saw my post right?" assuming I knew what was the current goings on with them, slightly offended when I shook my head no. Or if a current local news topic, celebrity event or viral thing a ma bob would occur I'd…