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Kicking Some Spiritual A$$.

Hello dear ones.
    It's been a chilly minute since we've last conversed I know.
But I have been deep in the trenches of reworking my brick and mortar and taking some much needed time for stillness and filling my own cup with much needed healing and love.
Thank you for checking in. You're so beautiful!

We are in the full midst of January. The full (wolf) moon has come to call and things have gotten off to a hell of a start to say the least. There is so very much to write about.  But let me ask you - Are you sticking to the resolutions you jotted down a few weeks know about all the changes you wanted to make this year?

There is much debate on whether or not people are actually capable of real, tangible change. Being a transformation activist, I believe in the possibility that people can make dramatic shifts that pull them straight out of their own hell to create a life that attracts way more honey, magic, friends and money.  I've done it myself and I've been blessed to witness dozens of people over the years make significant choices that allowed them to rise above their norm.  

Often people want to know where to start, why and how. Talk therapy, fitness and health and self help books/magazines are often a first  step along a shiny new path.  I highly recommend all of these in a safe and moderate manner of course. 

However, I'd like to turn to self help for a moment to say that not everything you read will work for you, works for your situation or can /should be applied to your life. Majority of self help products are about other people's healing journey/process.  This is an amazing gift to be able to write what you know and to share your growth and miracles with the global community.  But what works for some may not work for others.  I'm about to share with you what has worked for me and some of my close circle and clients as an example.  Follow me through this door please.

A big buzzword in the self help and spiritual community within the past year and something that I've worked on and continue to encourage others to exercise is FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is such an amazing, challenging and often tedious release process.  It's the hardest thing to endure in bettering yourself.  But just because someone prescribes it to you in the latest shiny hardback of pop psych doesn't mean that you can automatically download it into your existence. Forgiveness like anything else is a process. Process by definition is continuous action.  You can't just say or think you forgive something or someone and magically the switch is flipped. Especially if you have a wound that is deep.  Forgiveness can take weeks even years.  The ebb and flow of forgivenessis a rollercoaster of emotion in and of itself. But if you can make it happen if you diligently put into practice the F word on a minute by minute or day by day basis.  I assure you that things will get sweeter, lights will seem to get brighter and the weight of the world will vanish or at least become quieter than normal.
Forgiveness when achieved really does feel like a miracle. 
Now chew on this though: some schools of thought believe that everything you do or that occurs in your life you actually call into your existence (The Law of Attraction) or that you have written your destiny before you actually came into our world (Syliva Browne).  
But in reality really shitty things happen to amazing people regardless of the kind of life they are living. I've come to witness good souls break from heartache. And as far as I can tell fatal illness, tragedy and mass misfortune under the guise of global warming (or you know, crazy fucking weather) knows NO boundaries.  Forgiveness in any of these situations won't be a chapter read and applied overnight. 
Dig? Just because in someone else's recorded journey it seems to have happened in a few paragraphs or turned pages doesn't mean that will apply to our very own existence.   Forgiveness is persistant action and process.  Take this one slow.

Another trendy self realization I'd like to uncover is something that each of us owns and is another big buzzword in the new age community, EGO.
The latest crop spiritual Guru's will have you believe that you're EGO is something similar to the devil sitting on your shoulder making you choose fear instead of love and choosing things that keep you small instead of living your wildest dreams.  While there is truth to this rub I'd like to point out that not every single case that crops surrounding EGO up is equal to this school of thought.  
For example if you have a bad case of the willies when someone who is courting you comes around I'd like to think that's not your EGO being fearful or keeping you small, hiding you away from love's romantic embrace.  I'd like to think it's your own intuition, your "inner guide" or  red flag alert system and you are probably correct in your bad vibes.  However if you are in deep into the self help of releasing your EGO you could very well wrestle your gut instinct a toxic relationship or crappy event into your life that otherwise you should have kept from happening.

Which leads me to....
This one is great.  I've read it, lived it preached it. And man I get this theory - I do.
In fact I get it so much that every single person that cropped up or popped back into my own life in the last two years I welcomed with open arms seeing that the Universe wanted them to be there and we had work to do!  But speaking from grand experience and hoping to save you from some future heart ache the assignment can be done from afar.  If someone who has hurt you walks back in or tries to reconnect apply your forgiveness factor and keep them at a safe distance.  Yes, indeed I believe that people change but if your ex stole several thousand dollars from you six months ago I highly doubt that he or she has come to call to "do the work" with you.  You are better off recognizing it as a red flag - acknowledging who you were when you had that relationship and how far you have come/grown since.  By the way pat yourself on the back for moving on and implementing your own transformation.

And finally purchasing and reading the latest edition of how to become the more kick ass version of yourself doesn't mean you are automatically a better person. You actually have to put into practice or action kinder, gentler, more compassionate works in order for you to change with integrity.  
Recently I listened to one of my favorite mentors talk about The Four Agreements  specifically teaching her audience the #2 agreement which is: NOT TO TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY.  
Here's why I am going to kick this one in the pants.  
Stay with me.......
If before you read such self help book or books people 
have mentioned in your presence that you are an  
a$$hole (jerk, horrible person, etc) chances are you'll continue 
along that path because according to this school of thought 
 - other people are just "projecting their shit" on to you and its 
"not about you" it's about them, their "fears" or "insecurities!" 
So really why should you take it personally when five people 
in the past week may or may not have mentioned that you are 
or exhibit the qualities of a less than awesome human being?  
You shouldn't right?
In my not so sugar coated and somewhat bloody experience of life thus far I have come to understand full well that The Universe tries to deliver to us what it is we are to know or should hear when it comes to our own being.  If we don't listen to this message, spirit will redeliver it any way that it can.  So if there is a common disgruntled theme among the company you are trying to keep, the company you are keeping, your coworkers or the ones you love perhaps instead of not taking it personally 
you should apply listening with the 
ears of your heart and wonder 
What really am 
I putting out into the world?
that is the one question in terms of change and
radical self love and soul transformation you should /we should all
really start with.

Take inventory of where we (you) are and how we (you) got here.

So where are you with your changes?
How is it all going for you?
Have you found this blog helpful, entertaining or head scratching?
I'd love to know.  Shoot me a note here or leave a comment below.

As always, my learning process is to share what 
I am uncovering through every endeavor and experience
 with you so that together 
we can discover what's possible as we venture 
down the rabbit hole of life.
Thanks for coming back.  
I can't wait to see you soon.

Mick G


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