Happy New New, YOU

When you clear out your closets be it mentally,
physically, emotionally you allow space for divinity
to touch you in ways that perhaps you didn't know were blocked before. Creativity ignites, self esteem rises, magic and miracles become a reality.

Since the beginning of December I've been clearing out all my houses so to speak. In voicing some of what I was processing during that time it seems I've struck worry and there have been assumptions as to me closing up shop for good and moving on. I want to assure you my beloved friends, nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm creating and manifesting like mad and getting my hands deeper into my knowing and honoring my craft in a way that is so magnificent and new so that I can serve myself, my daughter and YOU even better. I choose to be so very honest with my writing and feelings so that my journey is as human as possible and somewhat tangible for anyone who questions my authenticity or balls. And shit can this...and it has gotten RAW! RAWR!
As always, change is coming....and yes, it's all good. Stay tuned for more.


Here we are, the fifth day of the year  - and all is well.
Holiday guests from all over the country have come and gone.
Laughter, catching up and the sugary, carb loaded bustle has died down.
The weather has blanketed us in it's grand commands of stillness and wonder.
I personally, couldn't be more happy.

Slow is where I need to be.
Slow, pause, stop.
Savoring, reading, meditating.
Slow, pause, stretch.
Savoring, writing, breathing.

For those of you displeased with the current temperature may I suggest some hot chocolate and a good book (I can suggest a few if you like) something to expand your horizons beyond your favorite TV show.There is much magic to be found in the snow. Head it's message.  Pay attention. It makes us vulnerable yet wide awake! Should we not know where we are headed or looking even, we may slip and fall on our faces or our a$$.  This time of year reminds us that beyond our current technology and creature comforts lies a world that is devoid of any of that - primal - with just the right amount of wind or freeze we could be subject to our roots.
A perfect time to brush up on your Jedi mind tricks, no?

Now, I'm excited to present:
2014 Tarot forecasts during this quiet
and reflective time.
Like I said, I've done some serious work and cleared out space to receive
and to do more in terms of my service.  I've also come up with Birthdayscopes for you too - detailing the year and giving you some insight to tips and tricks on how to magically manifest working with your star sign.
I'm so excited to bring this to you and it's only the beginning.

Take the time to savor the stillness.  To sit.  To ponder.  To create a vision board for the seeds you want to plant when the sun returns.

If you need help, as always - I'm here.  Email me: Michgall@gmail.com

And THANK YOU for your emails,
your Instagram love
and your holiday notes and cards!
YOU mean the world to me!

Mick G


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