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The End is Just The Beginning.

Hello Beauties.
     It's about time I come clean with all of my transformative secrets since you've been nothing but loving and patient. The storefront that I've been blessed to own & operate this past year, Natural Impressions is coming to a close so that I can emerge as something even more privy to my spiritual practice, services and align with artists and vendors who share those same values:


Venus Rising will be located at the same awesome spot!
92 Broadway and we welcome spiritual consignment, recycled goods and upcycled curiosities.
So if you are local artist, crafter or furniture maker please get in touch with me on how we can work together.

Venus is now out of retrograde. The Goddess has come direct in her path ready to shed her loving light to all. Don't just take my word for it. Check out what famed astrologers like
Emily Trinkus or Susan Miller are saying.

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who as made this past…

Kicking Some Spiritual A$$.

Hello dear ones.
    It's been a chilly minute since we've last conversed I know.
But I have been deep in the trenches of reworking my brick and mortar and taking some much needed time for stillness and filling my own cup with much needed healing and love.
Thank you for checking in. You're so beautiful!
We are in the full midst of January. The full (wolf) moon has come to call and things have gotten off to a hell of a start to say the least. There is so very much to write about.  But let me ask you - Are you sticking to the resolutions you jotted down a few weeks know about all the changes you wanted to make this year?
There is much debate on whether or not people are actually capable of real, tangible change. Being a transformation activist, I believe in the possibility that people can make dramatic shifts that pull them straight out of their own hell to create a life that attracts way more honey, magic, friends and money.  I've done it myself and I've b…

Happy New New, YOU

When you clear out your closets be it mentally,
physically, emotionally you allow space for divinity
to touch you in ways that perhaps you didn't know were blocked before. Creativity ignites, self esteem rises, magic and miracles become a reality.

Since the beginning of December I've been clearing out all my houses so to speak. In voicing some of what I was processing during that time it seems I've struck worry and there have been assumptions as to me closing up shop for good and moving on. I want to assure you my beloved friends, nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm creating and manifesting like mad and getting my hands deeper into my knowing and honoring my craft in a way that is so magnificent and new so that I can serve myself, my daughter and YOU even better. I choose to be so very honest with my writing and feelings so that my journey is as human as possible and somewhat tangible for anyone who questions my authenticity or balls. And shit can this...and …