Sing life into broken wings, she's coming 2014.

“for the ones who know how powerful we are, who know we can sound the music in the people around us simply by playing our own strings, for the ones who sing life into broken wings…. tonight Saturn is on his knees proposing with all of his 10,000 rings that whatever song we’ve been singing we sing it even more, the world needs us now more than it ever has before…. if you’re handing out flashlights in the dark, start handing out stars… Andrea Gibson
Saturn is an astrological term for the devil.  
Yes I said it.  Saturn is your ego with it's rings of fear and bullshit.

This year, I'm going to bring Saturn to his knees.
I'm definitely going to stop handing out flashlights and start handing out stars. 
Done and done.
I'm not going to apologize for my love ever again 
or the drum in my chest that beats for the possibility of an unconditional YES.
If I learned anything it's that she's coming and 
she whispered gently in my ear that there should be no conditions on love.  
If there is they are man made and man is made up of fear and loathing.  
I want nothing of it. I want fearless, fist less love that knows no boundaries or time.

2014.....She's coming.  
2013 was just a run through and the awakening that has begun is going to be louder.  
People's dreams are becoming more vivid and intense.  Some people are noticing sequences in numbers.  My girl Liz DiAlto stated this am in her newsletter  - 
2014 is a 7 Universal year. This means big awakenings, a time go to inward, discover our own and larger truths, and deepen our spiritual and energetic practices.

Still others are seeing shadow people, fairies and things 
they didn't know could exist beyond their own tv sets.  
The aquarian age is upon us.  What you thought you knew 
book wise in any theology will be tested now.  
Perhaps thats why I want so badly to shut off in 
January and keep my business close to my business.
I've heard her for years whisper softly to me, sometimes 
scream that the world is in need of her love. 
She was pushed down into the abyss denied as part of him. 

It is my intention to continue to be  catalyst for a 
revival of the divine feminine in 2014. 
Women in my circle of trust and on my path will know 
that loving themselves first does not embody 
conforming to anyone else's idea of who we are or what we should be, should look like. Embracing our power and falling in love with ourselves is a priority and the work we can do to change LOVE globally from where we stand.

With this, inner Peace is possible.  
Peace is possible.
With ego-less LOVE 
possibility is endless.  

Here's your first star.  
I'll be back with more. 

All my love and a big fat kiss!
Happy New Year.
Mick G


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